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    Since many of you may have availed yourselves of AARP's free tax prep at CAN but can't because they are closed because of Covid-19, here's my story:
    I had heard turbotax would do mine free and had started with them, but turned out they said in my situation I would need the $60 upgrade and this was after I had spent the time to enter most info. They could've avoided this by properly listing the conditions first and not wait until later, so it seemed to me they were hoping to rope me in and keep me, but I wasn't falling for it. I went to the site and there is a section called Free File where it lists places that will do your taxes for free--some have various restrictions but I found one that worked perfectly for me: and they did state taxes too. All went very smoothly and if you can't do it all in one sitting, you can save and come back. I recommend it very strongly.

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