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Discussion in 'Sun City Festival - Arizona' started by Rusco, May 24, 2016.

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    There's a great article in the Wall Street Journal today (5/24/16) about the benefits of Tai Chi for seniors. I have forwarded a copy to Festival Fitness Director Chuck Eier which I hope will encourage the fitness center to make this program available. I did see reference to Tai Chi classes on the calendar but it was dated Feb., 2012. *The article mentioned above makes reference to a program in AZ.
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    I don't understand the reason they teach Yang long form to seniors. 108 moves is a lot to remember. Most people teach/practice the Yang short 37 form unless they are real Tai Chi aficionados. I had looked forward to the class but I doubt I'd ever learn 108. Sounds like I'd need to keep attending instructions forever. I wish they'd teach the short form too. Does the club meet other than at the classes?*

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