Eye Insurance ?

Discussion in 'Medical and Health' started by Anita Mae, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae Member

    Does anyone have Eye Coverage ? Who with - and what does it cover and include ?
  2. pegmih

    pegmih Well-Known Member

    My insurance covers 1 eye exam per year. No glasses unless needed after catarract surgery.

    I understand that starting this year exam has to be done by an ophthamalogist to be covered.

    Fortunately, last year my optician referred me to one because of a suspected problem.
    Consequently, I will be seeing an opthamologist in the future instead of an optrician.

    Cost is $30 per visit.
  3. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae Member

    Which Eye Insurance is it ?
  4. pegmih

    pegmih Well-Known Member

    It isn't exactly an "eye insurance".
    I have Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (formerly Medisun).
    Eye exams as stated above are included in the plan.

    The booklet is somewhat vague as to whether or not an optician is covered.
    I would definitely check before going to an optician again.
    Fortunately as stated above, I now go to an optalmologist.
  5. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae Member

    Some of these insurance companies are pretty questionable on exactly what they do and do not cover ! ! Agree.

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