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  1. CMartinez

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    Hi folks,

    After doing some reading about the current new postmaster, and the destruction he is causing, I felt it time to start a new thread as to why mailing our ballots is a bad idea.

    First, the new postmaster, appointed by Trump, took out all of the sorting machines. These sorting machines provide a small stamp on each piece of mail so as to create a way of tracking the incoming and outgoing locations and ownership of mail pieces and packages. With those machines gone, the postal service is trying its best to hand sort the mail as quickly as possible. What each piece of mail is not getting with hand sorting is the "stamp" to indicate mail type. So, as mail is dropped off to the post office to be processed, there is no real way to identify its location or identity any longer with the sorting machines pulled off line. In other words, it is not being read or scanned for safety and identity purposes.

    Second, there were additional appropriations made to assist the post office with its shortcomings, but McConnell said no, as the additional money would not help the post office finish what it needs to do. Just what is it the post office needs to finish, and why won't the current postmaster even acknowledge the damage he is doing? Why is McConnell aiding and abetting this postal scam to allow ballots to be lost or worse. Why did POTUS get so upset when he found out there would be drop boxes available to voters? He said something about spreading Covid using a drop box. That is a bunch of hooey.

    Finally, the current postmaster states all ballots will be delivered on time to be counted. I have not heard that all legitimate ballots will arrive in a timely fashion so the public's choices will be heard.

    I know Potus and his family are worried about losing, as they all face jail time as well as other charges. My feeling is the postmaster and his henchmen will do whatever it takes to make the untraceable ballots disappear in some sort of fashion. Or perhaps some ballots may become a landslide victory for one of the candidates. Or, at best, not counted and stuffed away somewhere, making it easier for the POTUS to claim unfair voting, call off the election for now, and then never call a new election to happen, keeping him in power for an undetermined amount of time. The chant for 12 more years was a precursor to his desire to be the next fascist leader of our not free country and finish running it into the ground.

    There are ballot collection boxes throughout Maricopa County. There is also the opportunity to vote in person, which will allow you, as a voter, to be sure your vote is counted in a correct and legitimate way. I fear mailing in your ballot means it may never be counted and your wishes never heard.

    If you cannot get out to vote or make it to a ballot drop box, you can call the Republican committee locally and they will find you a resource for you to vote in a manner which will ensure your vote is counted correctly. You may also call the Democratic committee and they, too, will do all they can to make sure your vote is your vote and counted appropriately.

    It pains me to think there would be such malicious intent within the voting realm, but the more I read, the more convinced I am there is more foul play afoot in regards to voting by using the mail. This is of course my opinion. We have always voted by mail for the past numerous years, but this year, we are going to the drop box to make sure our vote gets counted. I may be all wet, and I take responsibility for that, but these are curious and dangerous times, and being counted is the single most important aspect to our nation for the near future and for our health and safety.
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    I'm not 100% positive, but I don't believe that ALL sorting machines have been removed. Please direct me to the factual data that shows that ALL sorting machines are gone.

    Depending on when you receive your mail in ballot you will probably have more than enough time to get it back in the mail in time for it to be sorted, sent, and counted.
    If you get the ballot on Monday, fill it out and put it in the mail on Tuesday. As of this day I already have my made up on who I am voting for.
  3. CMartinez

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    SCR, all 4 in Arizona have been removed. Three in Phoenix and one in Tucson. These machines can handle 300,000 pieces of mail per minute. Now they are gone and are relying on manual sorting.

    A total of 40% of the machines have been removed nationwide, with more slated to come out after the election.
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  4. pegmih

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    Is there a ballot drop box in Sun City?
    If so, where is it?
  5. CMartinez

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    The nearest drop box is off Peoria ave and Litchfield Rd. Just south of Peoria, about a city block length, it appears to be according to the map
  6. IndependentCynic

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    It's hard to tell what the real facts are. It's certainly true that letter mail volume is down due to electronic mail (and moreso due to Covid, but that's temporary to some degree). Few of us write personal letters anymore and businesses save on postage and printing costs by emailing. I guess that all saves trees and landfill space, etc.; I'm not so sure it has reduced overall costs much. But there's little doubt letter mail volume per capita is shrinking, and due to online buying, package mail is increasing. As I recall over the years I've lived in the valley there has been multiple sorting center consolidations and, AFAIK, all the mail in the valley is now sorted in the Phoenix sorting center on Van Buren St. The sorting machines made this economically feasible. If ALL the machines were removed there I can't imagine we'd be getting much mail at all. There's got to be more we don't yet know.

    The machine that sorts envelopes/ballots (according to the CNN article I read) can handle 30,000 pieces/hour. That's impressive -- 8+ per second. Hard to tell how many humans would be required to sort that volume by hand (since most humans can't read the barcodes) but it's certainly more than the two people needed to run each of the huge machines, and likely many more people than the USPS employs. These machines are huge and the pictures in the article show them being dumped into big dumpsters (it takes multiple dumpsters per machine.) As far as I can tell most of the machines are damaged sufficiently by the removal process that they cannot be reinstalled. Supposedly many of these machines were sitting idle much of the time, needed only during peak mail periods (Christmas, Easter, Mother's day, etc.). I read somewhere election periods are only mildly "peak" compared to, for example, Christmas mail. It's hard to see those peak periods going away in the near future.

    If all this turmoil is only to mess with the election, it's going to screw up much more than that. If it's to motivate privatization of the USPS it would seem the ability to sort mail is needed in the private sector, and that currently doesn't exist... so that'll be an even bigger mess.

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