Dental, Optical or Rx in Mexico

Discussion in 'Medical and Health' started by wizfourfam, May 29, 2013.

  1. wizfourfam

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    Has anyone traveled to Mexico for dental, optical or other medical treatment? The prices seem really good, and it is just within walking distance across the border (Los Algodones). I would appreciate any input you have, please share your experience.
  2. bmac007

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    I can't help you with this but would be interested to hear others....
  3. pegmih

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    I have a friend who had extensive dental work done in Mexico (Los Algondones) and was satisfied.

    Personally, I would hesitate to get any optical, denta,l or medical treatment there.

    Of course, a person is really strapped for cash it might be worth the time and effort.

    It isn't as if you take a short drive, visit doc, and drive home. I will check distance, etc.
  4. pegmih

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