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  1. John Fast

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    The question was posed in a committee meeting and the answer was that per property assessment provided a more predictable source of revenue because the number of properties assessed never changes whereas the number of two person versus one person occupied homes changes constantly. You may not like the answer but that what was said.
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  2. Happy Hippie

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    I actually don't care anymore. My fee will stay the same whether I live here or SCW. My point was, and always will be, that there is something wrong with whoever runs this community compared to other Sun Cities across the US. We are the only Del Webb Sun City community who does the assessment this way. If all the other 37 or so SC's can manage it why can't our people? Is this community lazier or not as intelligent? This place sure has a handle on who dies or sells their home regarding PIF collections tho.
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  3. FYI

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    Perhaps it's because we have so many amenities with 8 golf courses and recreation centers, and no room to build any more homes, we simply need a consistent method of knowing and understanding the annual income?

    Eliminates the need to guess on the next year's budget.
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  4. Happy Hippie

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    And what about SCW and all the other Sun Cities I think 37 that can manage this type of recordkeeping? It was per person from 1960 to 2003 here. Sure it's easier, it's also less income. Maybe all the board members were double deeded in 2003 and thought it was an awesome idea?
  5. Happy Hippie

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    Found this chart, can't remember who or where posted. Look at the difference in fees (2nd slide). This was from 2022, per person fee. Maybe being the "cheapest" Sun City does not make it the best. Maybe cutting fees in half in 2003 has been part of the reason for deteriorating appearance of medians etc here. I have been to 6 of those on the list.

    2022-01-Sun-City-AZ-Annual-Resident-Fees.pdf (

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