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    Social Media -

    We no longer have a Facebook account for our own "original" Sun City. We did have one, and Beth Lucas, Communication Manager hired under Bill Cook, was doing a spectacular job of keeping it updated. Unfortunately, our new GM does not believe in Social Media (Facebook), so he had her stop posting to it, and then Beth resigned recently.

    Lucky for us there are still several FB accounts in existence (Sun City Chat Arizona, Sun City AZ ChitChat, Suncity AZ Residents., Sun City Arizona Happenings, Sun City Advocates, and iluvsuncity) kept up by various individuals, who post events around RCSC and SC. They also post lots of other stuff. There is also NextDoor, another social media outlet.

    I thought I would try and keep a Current Events thread here on Talk of Sun City JUST for events, club news, and items that you might not know about. It will NOT be for the other "stuff" that you see on most FB accounts.

    Since anyone can post on here, I would like to see us JUST POST ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING IN SUN CITY. Threads are hard to read when other topics wander in to interrupt! ;) If you do post, it would be great if you could attach a link. I did for each of the FB accounts, but I'm not sure if it worked.

    Jean Totten as One Day at a Time
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    Make sure you attend Monday, April 8th Member/Board Exchanges @ 9 am if you want to learn about the potential closure of at least one Sun City library.

    Wear blue to support the keeping of our libraries.
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    Jean, Thanks for staying vigilant and letting folks know about current events. John Fast
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    It was my opinion that the Bylaws Review Committee meetings should have stayed open. I think I was the only person on the committee who thought so, perhaps one other. At our second meeting, I was persuaded to go along with the others because I wanted to be able to work with these people that I had just met. Wrong choice on my part! However I could have been removed by the Chairs of that Committee and I realized it. It was like walking on eggshells!
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    I doubt it!

    If Dave Weiland wasn't immediately removed from the committee when he stated, "I don't give a damn about Robert's Rules," when Robert's Rules is the corporation's parliamentary authority, then I don't know what would have? And that's just an indication that would lead anybody with any common sense to see that the Chair and Co-Chair were not the right people to chair those meetings, especially once we saw the end result!

    Just my opinion!
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  6. Tom, the facts are that you and Jean violated the rules of the By laws committee that were clearly stated at the beginning of the first meeting. Both of you violated them twice and we closed the meetings to everyone. I insist that all facts be presented and you just played a bit fast and lose with the facts. Just say’s.

    You attended some of the B & F meetings and then never came back. Guess you didn’t understand what we were talking about. I also invited both you and Janet Curry to the Insurance Committee meeting and even told you months in advance when they were held. Janet attended and you didn’t.
  7. Janet Curry

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    I had some doubts about RCSC Insurance procedures. However, after attending their first meeting this year, I thought it was in very good hands and everyone was professional. We are fortunate that Members who have experience in this area are willing to sit on this committee.
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    Dave, I'm not going get into a pissing contest with you because we obviously see things differently especially how other guests are treated in other committee meetings. You didn't want anybody there because you didn't want guests to learn about your own inapt uncertainly and lack of knowledge. Hence, the excuse that the committee members wouldn't express their true opinions because they were afraid of a backlash!

    Wrong again Dave. I understood what was going on, but finance isn't in my wheelhouse, and I just assume to let those in the know handle the details too do so, and yes, I would include you. But that's quite a difference than getting kicked out of the Ad Hoc Bylaw committee meeting, which was in my wheelhouse and I could have made many worthwhile suggestions and recommendations. I don't make that comment braggadocio, I make it humbly because I have been following parliamentary procedure for close to 50 years.

    You can see from my previous comments that, that's why the bylaws are currently in conflict with the Articles of Incorporation. Nobody looks any farther than their nose!

    I still wonder why I wasn't even offered an interview for a position on the committee? Perhaps the results were already pre-determined?
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    Dave and Tom - (Janet - you got roped into it too)
    Please - Would you consider either deleting your posts that have absolutely nothing to do with Current Events or deleting them and creating your OWN post where you can argue with each other?
    Jean Totten as One Day at a Time
  10. FYI

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    Sorry Jean. I'm done!

    Arguing with Dave is a lost cause and waste of time.
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    Mac Sales open to the public will be Saturday April 20th from 8:30 to 11:30am in the Mac club room at Sundial.

    At the RCSC Board Meeting 9:00am on March 28, 2024, at Sundial Auditorium the following took place: Consent Calendar Items: The Apple Macintosh Club requested to merge with the Computer Club of Sun City.


    • The club made a motion at their General Membership meeting on March 9th to merge their club with the Computer Club of Sun City (CCSC), and the CCSC current board will manage it.
      • Even though the SunMac Club had a healthy membership, it was getting harder to find people to volunteer to monitor.
      • The two clubs combined will offer a 1-stop place for all electronic needs.
    • The club will close at the end of the day on April 30th and the last class will be Thursday, April 18th.
    • Mac Sales to the public will be Saturday April 20th form 8:30 to 11:30am in the club room.
    • Mac Club members' membership will be transferred to the CCSC, and they will become members of the Computer Club of Sun City.
    • As CCSC members they will have full access to all their facility at Fairway has to offer. Dues paid while at SunMacs will be good at CCSC until the end of 2024.
    • An Apple group will be formed for all club members using Apple products, and a room as been assigned to this group. This room will be equipped with all things Apple for all their members to use.
    • Classes will resume in the first part of May in the new location.
    • The Computer Club of Sun City is located on the 2nd floor of the Fairway Recreation Center, 10600 W. Peoria Ave. Summer Hours are 8:30am to 2:30pm. See you there.

    Computer Club of Sun:

    Jean Totten as One Day at a Time
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    Copied from the Sun City Posse web page:

    Monday, April 15th • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
    Frappuccino with a Firefighter
    10700 W Bell Rd.
    Sun City, AZ 85351

    Sun City Posse Web Site
    Jean Totten as One Day at a Time
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  13. MikeM

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    More details: Self-guided tour has 4 water-wise/xeriscape home gardens plus club community garden and church meditation garden.,488932
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    Over 1,200 of you attended the Exchange meeting on Monday, April 8th to stand up for something that you believe in. Can I challenge you to continue this adventure (self-governance/responsibility/education/participation) by attending another meeting this week?

    The week ahead features two committee meetings you might not want to miss.
    *Finance and Budget will meet at 1 pm on Wednesday, April 17th at the Lakeview Board Room, second floor, blue entrance, turn right, first door on your right.
    *Outreach and Communications will meet at 1 pm on Thursday, April 18th at the Lakeview Board Room, second floor, blue entrance, turn right, first door on your right.

    Our website states:
    *NOTE: Board Meeting or Committee Meeting schedules often change, and the information in the Sun City Update may have been revised since its publication. For the most up-to-date information, please visit this page often. All meetings are open to RCSC Cardholders.
    Committee meeting dates are subject to change and can be confirmed with the Corporate/Board Office if necessary by calling 623-561-4600.
    (From personal experience this past week, be sure and call to confirm the meeting. Nothing worse than showing up at the date/time listed and finding no one there!)

    If you've never been to a committee meeting, here are the rules and some advice:

    Jean Totten as One Day at a Time
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    Welp! Not surprised. I am wondering if folks just sit up nights thinking of ways to make life more difficult for the residents.
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    Please consider self monitoring your posts and delete when the event has concluded.
    Eliminating the scrolling, scrolling down to find fresh, current content would be much more convenient.
    Thanks for your consideration.

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  18. John Fast

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    While it is difficult to tell from the notes (excerpt below) there is a lot happening in the Budget and Finance Committee. A draft of the 5 year plan is done and being reviewed and a presentation is being drafted. This plan should tell us what they intend to do with respect to the libraries.

    “Tom Foster reported a draft of the 5-year plan has been sent to (Senior Management). It includes CIF, PIF and Operating Budgets.” …

    (The reserve study and methodology plan should be ready by the end of May)... The 5-year plan for capital expenses should be included.” …

    Several meeting dates were announced:

    May 8 – A non-Shalimar meeting

    May 30, 2024 – Board Meeting"

    No clue what a non Shalimar meeting is.
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    Johnny K & Kompany—Sunday, April 28
    Hey, hey, hey! Nobody puts on a show quite like Johnny K! Get ready for an evening of good times and super harmonies with plenty of great hits from the 1950s to 1970s. We’ll have a great time dancin’ and romancin’ all night long!

    Sun Bowl Concerts • All Shows at 6pm
    Free for RCSC Cardholders & their escorted Guests
    Food Trucks arrive 1-1/2 hours prior to show time
    Don’t forget your lawn chair or blanket!
    Rain Location: Sundial - Message 623-972-6014
    April Sun City UPDATE page 9:
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  20. John Fast

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    We all have Denny Nichols to thank for taking the initiative on this! A great step forward.

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