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    Say What........Maybe "disturbed" is not strong enough; possibly "mentally ill" is a more appropriate description. Enough of your games......I'll let you have the last word. Make it a good one and make sure I'm the person you are referring to as others have made an identity error in the past.
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    I keep an open mind about everything and everyone.
    That includes religion, politics, people, and more.
    In fact, I enjoy hearing the thoughts of others.
  3. Say What, this is Gary’s playbook, never answers the question but attacks the messenger. Typical Rethuglican. You really want to see him bob and weave, ask him why he quit the RCSC board after only a few months or while pushing the Board to amend policies regarding the PIF so it would allow reverse mortgages, what amount of “juice” would he be collecting as a real estate agent. Facts are not biased.

    Well Gary, I am back after a summer hiatus. I am tanned, rested and ready, so let the games begin.

    SW, as a note to this, disturbed is Gary’s favorite word as he accused me of the same thing. Just to show that I am fine, person, woman, man, camera, TV. I am a stable genius.
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    Now do not be too hard on our fellow Talkers. Remember that according to some, the purpose of government is to facilitate the accumulation of wealth.
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    Well Dave Weiland or Geoffrey de Villehardouin, what ever name you want to hide behind today, you sure seem to have butt into something that you had nothing to do with....of course that is to be expected of you. It seems like you want some type of a confrontation for what reason I'm not sure why but maybe it would be better served if we did that in person face to face so we can see what your problem is with me......I've seen you try to physically attack an RCSC member several years ago at one of the monthly meetings so maybe a third person in attendance would be required.. I do want to bring up, since you started this nonsense, that it is evident that your memory is going by the wayside and you are disturbed or just plain mentally ill.....maybe you should write this down or use a teleprompter......I was on the RCSC Board for 8 1/2 months far earlier than the reverse mortgage issues ever came up for any type of discussion. For what ever reason you seem to grasp at making up crap and try to associate me with your made up garbage and then insultingly try to disparage my business and lifelong profession. You have done this on several occasions now and I'm giving you fair warning that you need to back off as there is a LINE that you are about to cross and you don't want to do that. I suggest that you take some deep breaths just as I am doing and BACK OFF and stop any forward movement or verbal/written comments.
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    I'd volunteer but it does not sound like a good social distancing situation, so I will pass.
  7. GC, if people talk about me in print, I expect my name to be spelled correctly. That’s Wieland please. I enjoy Medieval history and I chose a knight who defended the King’s until his death during the battle of Poitiers. Look it up. As for hiding, any quick search would have turned up my name, spelled correctly.

    Since we are throwing down the proverbial gauntlet, you accused me of physically attacking a RCSC member. Since you have a beautiful mind, provide the explicit details like time, date, place, person, etc. under the warning of libelous statements Sparky. I am really interested in this.
    As for my mental state, nothing wrong with me, you just seem to accuse people who present opposite views as somehow diseased. Very curious.

    On second thought, are you referring to the member who wanted people to be strapped, couldn’t pick Magna Carta out of a lineup, didn’t know what it said, knew nothing about the structure of Medieval society? I never left my chair and it is not my fault that he was, being polite, ill informed. Happy to discuss Medieval history with you anytime. Maybe you will learn something.

    As for your profession, I worked with real estate agents, title companies, large real estate developers, attorneys and the like. Oooppps, it looks like I am trying to make it all about me, another one of your favorite attacks. I have nothing against your profession, just reverse mortgages as I find them predatory with everyone whetting their beaks, banks, real estate agents, that nasty compounding interest, you receive maybe 55-60% of your home value and those homey Tom Selleck ads. Altruism has its price.

    But I digress. Apparently you are threatening with some unnamed consequences. Facts are not biased. The truth always prevails and I will respect you in the morning. Did you just tell me to forgo my First Amendment rights? This hopefully will be my only political post and a wide berth is given to political speech. Trump’s lying, people dying, potentially 22500+ by Election Day. Think about it.
    Have a positive day and see/talk/type to you in the future.

    Bernard Gui, “Is that your final answer?”
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  8. CT, just trying to help friend in metaphorical need. BTW, I never said he was on he Board regarding that PIF thing, but I was.
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    So speaking of facts, I think you missed a "0" in your math above.
  10. Yeah, saw it after I posted. Been battling “black floaters” for awhile and they seem to show up at the most inopportune time.
    Tomorrow’s post covfefe 19 virus summer break Board meeting should be a few giggles and laffs.
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    Are those the perfectly round, very black doughnut ones? If so I get them every now and again too. Or should this go on a "Sun City talks about their health issues" thread?
  12. No need to change threads. Mine I can only describe as similar to small black veils.
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    Sort of like the old fok song, "Long Black Veil" - - but short?
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    And accoeding to my source, the USA just went over 200,000 deaths from covid19.

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