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Discussion in 'Contractors and Services' started by Ad Poster, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Ad Poster

    Ad Poster Administrator

    Sun City Arizona!! They build it, fix it, sell it, install it talk about it all right here. YOU NEED AT LEAST 10 POSTS TO RECOMMEND A CONTRACTOR OR SERVICE in the area. Enjoy!!

  2. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    Cratus Development hands down. We worked with the owner on a large remodel for a lake home and he does fantastic work. Eddy's the owner and his number is: 480-221-1998
  3. Sulley007

    Sulley007 New Member

    Have you had anyone good for landscape work in Sun City?
  4. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    We use All Pro Landscape (Robert) and have been happy with him for 2 years now. He is reasonable in fee but you need to discuss with him and see how his schedule is. Very nice young man and crew. 602-339-0758
  5. LAPPY50

    LAPPY50 Super Moderator

    Fiona, thanks for the tips! We can have our own Angie's List here!! It's important to use referrals. Safety using contractors is important!
  6. 5thd

    5thd Member

    Do they have a website? How about small jobs? Like cabinet refacing or painting? Thanks
  7. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    I have to give a shout out for the new landscape guy we just used. Our rental service can't take on much more so we let this man and his crew do our yard today. They are fantastic and very reasonable. We met him at the town hall meeting and he is a SCHOA vendor here. His business name is First Impressions, his name is Darryl Jenkins Phone is 623-974-4669 and email: We will use their service for our Sun City house from now on.
  8. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    Not sure if Eddy has a web site or if he does small jobs like that. Sorry to take so long in answering your question.
  9. 5thd

    5thd Member

    Here is a tough one. I bought a house in Sun City in March. There is the original drop in range from 1972?. It is a Frigidaire by General Motors. One of the burners isn't working. Not sure if it is the element or wiring. Anyone know of someone who has experience with these "relics". It is in pristine condition. Thanks.
  10. suncityjack

    suncityjack Member

    Usually they have two burners of a large size and two of a smaller, so you prob could just run your own test by pulling it out and then trying it in the spot that is working. They say no need to turn off power at the circuit breaker for such things, but I like to play it safe....If it is just the element, you prob could compare prices online to get a ballpark figure, but I usually prefer to get the item locally when possible to boost our local economy. If True Value or Ace doesn't have something, they're always good at ordering. There may be other stores too that specialize in appliances like ranges....
  11. suncityjack

    suncityjack Member

    Re: landscapers. Plenty to choose from and lots of varying prices and service. Esp. with projects like palm tree trimming, it pays to get a few estimates before committing. I've gotten ranges from $25 to $75 per tree. Then you can negotiate re: how many done at one time, what else may need doing, will they clean up and yard blow, etc. For trees like palo verde and mesquite and elm, pine, etc., ones that really need shaping and trimming, it does pay to get a certified arborist as s/he will really give it shape and not just take a hedge-cutter approach giving it just a haircut each time. It's important to thin out trees and follow their limb lines to keep a beautiful silhouette and to better protect it from our often strong winds. Even if you want to keep your citrus trees in the popular globe shapes, some interior pruning is necessary for easier access to the fruit and so that the branches won't be so close that fruit is pierced. Sometimes you have to mix and match landscape folks to get the best combo.
  12. 5thd

    5thd Member

    Thanks. They are not the pull out type rather just the wires connected so it is a bit more tricky. Thanks.
  13. bmac007

    bmac007 Member

    Sorry Can't help ya on that one... Don't know of anyone
  14. Kim-Sandy Kline

    Kim-Sandy Kline New Member

    Rat problem. Just found out from our gardener some our cactus in the backyard have nests. Our gardener said he would remove all the very large and overgrown cactus (non saguaro) for $1,500 to $1,800. I am a bit irritated as we had a home pest inspection and this was not mentioned in the report. But, I need to make as certain as possible we do all we can to rid ourselves of the rats ASAP.
    I don’t want poisons as I don’t want any other critters dying. Any suggestions on e”rat”acaters?
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  15. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    We haven't had an issue with rats, but we are very confident in the services provided by
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  16. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    Folks next door to us use General as well and can recommend.
  17. Kim-Sandy Kline

    Kim-Sandy Kline New Member

    Thank you. Will call them in the morning.

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