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Discussion in 'Restaurants' started by aggie, Dec 15, 2015.

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    The China Olive Buffet(formerly Furr's Cafeteria) is now open again under new ownership. The price is very reasonable, the selection is a wide variety, custom stir fry at no extra charge and fresh sushi. Now if they can keep the food hot and the establishment clean we have a place to go weekly.

    We ate at Chang Lee's for the first time in about 10 years. It is so hidden in the center at 99th & Thunderbird that we forget about it. The luncheon menu is reasonable, there's quite a variety of items and hot tea is served at no extra charge. The food came out quickly, large portions and very hot. We'll definitely go back! I wish they had a delivery service. I noticed that they do a brisk take out business.
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    Last Saturday, my family and I had Chang Lee takeout at my house. It was delicious and plentiful.

    The Jade Star in the Arby's/McDonalds center is also good.

    Another small but excellent place is China 7 at 83rd & Union Hills behind Frys. About $5.
    There are also 2 Asian restaurants across the street from them.

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