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Discussion in 'Talk of Books' started by BPearson, May 22, 2015.

  1. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Hey D, welcome. I've got several Elmore Leonard books on the shelf, one day eh?

    The PJ Tracy books are exceptional and as a Minnesotan you must be aware of Vince Flynn. His Mitch Rapp series is awesome, but sadly we just lost Vince last year...way too young to be gone. There might b 12 to 15 books in that series.
  2. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Book #7 in the PJ Tracy Monkeewrench series is now at the library. I'm just getting into it but seems like another great MN plot!
  3. fixj

    fixj Active Member

    allow me to mention Audiobooks....easy download to from both of the library systems I use,... no eye strain....great for long flights and long drives.....just finished O'Reilly's book "Killing Patton" ....selecting *several audiobooks for my (1460 mile) drive to SC.*
  4. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Just finished maybe my favorite read of the year - "Body Reader" by Anne Frasier. Surprisingly it's another Minnesota author and the police/crime story is set in the Mpls area. She is not a prolific writer and her patience in waiting until the story is just right seems very evident. I'm going to check out her previous books which was a series of 3 or 4 books because they also got high praise. The main character of Body Reader may just start another series.
  5. dilings

    dilings New Member

    Hi BPearson, I did read all the PJ Tracy books - loved them. Not a fan of Vince Flynn though, maybe too militaristic for me. I spent this Summer reading Daniel Silva = all of them! Waiting in line at the library list for his recent book. Currently I'm reading Cold Mountain by Charles Fraziier. His description of the Southern landscape and its inhabitants is amazing.
  6. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Coming out of my summer hibernation to report that Book #8 in the Monkeewrench series is at the library and very good! The writing team of P.J. Tracy was a mother/daughter team effort. The mother died this past December so this effort was by the daughter.

    I've read quite a bit but nothing really outstanding. I've got quite a few books on order at the library and hope to find a few more good ones.
  7. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Damn, i was looking through the threads that people were looking at and saw this one was of interest. I clicked on it and as i read through it, saw how much interest there was in it. Nice.

    Anyway, started a new series a couple of months ago; the author is C J Box and the main character is Joe Picket. He's a fish and game warden in Wyoming. This isn't my normal cup of tea, but am quite enjoying his writing style. another 6 in the series plus i have 4 more from another series he started in wait.

    And for anyone who liked Dan Brown's writing, I couldn't put his latest, Origin, down. Exceptionally well done.
  8. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    In the Shadow of Statutes, was that the book by the former mayor of New Orleans? I saw him on the AX Files on CNN and he was quite impressive. Good read or just so so?
  9. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

  10. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Just finished the 3rd in the series by Matt Goldman set in the Mpls/St.Paul area. A sense of wit comes through since the author was also a writer on the Seinfeld show. A mix of crime, current politics and humor all with the "Minnesota Nice"(and not so nice) flavor.
  11. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Time to bring this thread back to life. Started reading the CJ Box - Joe Pickett series recommended by Bill. Like his writing style and will continue on with the series. Finished all the Sanford books and re-read books by my favorite author of sci-fi Michael Crighton. Forgot one of his early fiction books written nearly 25 years ago was "Disclosure" which was made into a movie staring Michael Douglas. Very appropriate for our current times. And....will bring Rusty Bradshaw's new book on vacation.

    Where the Crawdads Sing isn't for everyone but to me it was amazing!

    Read on!!

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