And the appointed ninth 2023 RCSC director is…

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  1. eyesopen

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    RCSC Press Release 01.11.2023

    RCSC Board Appoints Nichols to Fill Vacancy
    RCSC Members are advised that the RCSC Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Denny Nichols to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Sue Wilson, which was submitted effective December 31, 2022.

    Mr. Nichols will be sworn in at the Board Meeting on Thursday, January 26, 2023 and his term of office will expire at the end of the year.
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  2. Nia N Maxwell

    Nia N Maxwell New Member

    Is this a good thing?
  3. IndependentCynic

    IndependentCynic Active Member

    My memory is Nichols was a board member back in the 2008-2010 days and was president at one point
  4. IndependentCynic

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  5. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    It must be something in the Sun City water that makes residents incapable of using common sense. Optics, optics, optics...they matter, they always have, they always will. Denny Nichols is a great guy but he's been there done that already. "Retreads" have been the go-to fall back position on board openings for a very long time. So you tell me guys, how is this one different? Sorry, this was my opinion a week ago, it will be my opinion a year from now. Sun City doesn't need more of the same.

    We need fresh faces, new energy and ideas. You need to grow the circle, not circle the wagons. I defy anyone of the new or existing board members explain to me how this shows residents it is a new day in our community following their election. But wait, there's more and it gets worse. I have supported the Vintage Car Club getting the air conditioning they need for the ugly summer months. It should never have been pulled when the building was built.

    In fact, if you watched the Monday member/board exchange one of the first speakers made the argument to restore the 4 things scratched when the building was built. He was an officer of the club and he did a good job in his presentation. Unfortunately i know too much about too many people and with adding Denny to the board, that will make 3 board members who belong to the club. How do you think those "optics" will look?

    Sometimes people are their own worst enemy. In the end, bad ideas are always just that...bad ideas.
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  6. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    And before anyone tells me they needed the experience, before you write the copy for that, just go grab the last 8 or 9 times they brought back a "retread," and the blathering about experience rather than having to train a newbie. It made sense with 4 months left in a year, but this was an opportunity to bring someone in and they could spend the year growing into the job and if they liked it, they would have a head start on running next year.

    Like i just posted on the Advocates blog; Bill Murray's Ground Hog Day all over again.
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  7. Tom McClain

    Tom McClain Member

    Does anyone know how Denny Nichols got nominated to take Sue Wilson’s seat on the board?
  8. eyesopen

    eyesopen Well-Known Member

    The board can appoint anyone who is “a member in good standing,” when a director resigns. In an executive session, they determine any additional criteria. The decision is completed by majority vote.

    Only the board members know how the nomination and appointment is processed. They publicly announce the appointment and install the new director at the next board meeting.
    Corporate Bylaws – Amended June 30, 2016

    (iv) Vacancies occurring on the Board during the year (January 1 through December 31) may be filled by appointment of the Board. A majority vote of the Board is required for said appointment. An appointment ends on December 31 of the year appointed. An appointed term does not enter in the six-year limit set forth in the Restated Articles of Incorporation.
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  9. Tom McClain

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    The question is "Why Denny Nichols?" not how.
  10. eyesopen

    eyesopen Well-Known Member

    Tom, regret the misunderstanding, I answered what you originally asked,
    “Does anyone know how Denny Nichols got nominated to take Sue Wilson’s seat on the board?”
    Regarding your WHY, only a board member at the executive meeting can definitively answer that.
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  11. Janet Curry

    Janet Curry Active Member

    Good luck to all of the Directors, including Denny Nichols! (I don't know him.....yet.) Also, thanks to Director Lehrer and Director Lenefsky for returning to fill out their terms. I don't begrudge Sue Wilson her resignation. I am sure it hasn't been easy and a person needs to follow their instincts about when to get out. No explanation is necessary.

    Let's give the Board our support; yet continue scrutiny on decisions made. I will be looking for them to follow the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Board Policies. If anything in the documents need changed, I hope they go through the process to do so. Additionally I will be looking for transparency and more involvement in the financial side of things. There is a fine line between Board and Management duties, but, ultimately, the buck stops with the elected Board on everything. I am encouraged by what I have seen so far!

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