A tougher (opinion) piece of Sun City sculpture

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Can you locate this piece of Sun City sculpture?

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  1. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    Do you know where this piece of Sun City is located? Hint, it is pretty much downtown Sun City.

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  2. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    Okay, in the kiss-and- tell spirit, this work is located at Boswell Hospital, at the Thunderbird entrance. While photographing it I was told that I could not do so by security. By then I already had these shots in the bag. Boswell 1389.jpg
  3. Cynthia

    Cynthia Active Member

    That's a cool one. I'm definitely going to sneak a photo of it. Rather paranoid to not allow a photo of a sculpture, IMHO. It's not patient information.
  4. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    Well the secret is too look around and make sure there is no security person on hand. If need be, starting small fire in the back somewhere should take care of that. Happy shooting.
  5. Dlanor

    Dlanor New Member

    Hmmm.....looks like a photog trip is now in my near future around T-Bird and 103rd !.....lol.
    Geeze....Who would have ever thought a unsanctioned photo would be a security breach and catastrophic to our national security !!!!
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