You get the government you vote for.

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    Was reading a 2019 post called "Help Save the Scotland Airport", page 2 of
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    and the comment was "let's look forward to a change in leadership". Our veterans and children have been displaced to make room for people who came to this country illegally. We are giving them millions.

    inflation is at a 40 year high

    Interest rates were at an all time low of 2.6% in December 2020. Interest rates are 7% today.

    CPI has increased.

    Per NPI 12/28/23: In 2023 the overdose death rate topped 112,000 in a 12 month period for the first time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Since President Biden took office, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has logged more than 5.4 million illegal border crossings, plus at least 1.5 million “gotaways” – that is, border crossers who were detected by CBP technology, but who were never apprehended.

    And now the US is carrying out retaliatory strikes on Iranian-linked militia targets in Iraq and Syria after the murder of 3 US soldiers by Iran.

    There is more.

    Are we happy now?
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    You're clearly not. I am. Nothing of what you posted effects the gratitude I have for life. Nothing of what you posted is fundamentally different from any other time or era. The sky is always falling - call it rain, call it sunshine - choice is yours. :)
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    Not surprised. Gen X , Y, Z, zero empathy, me, me, me, or as others have said numb from the neck up.
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    Sorry HH - but being wrong with facts usually leads to wrong interpretations. I am Baby Boomer - likely same gen as you - and my age is completely irrelevant to my ability to empathize. Rookie bad assumption and stereotyping. I (and likely you) have lived thru worse sh*t than this. You choose to be unhappy. You choose to be angry. Then you blame the government. Then you blame the voters. Then you blame me. You'll never run out of people or things to blame - that's for sure. I feel for you - I'm just not going to get on your depressing, sour train. Sunny and 66 today - and I'm on the 'right' side of the dirt. To be perfectly blunt - you have no clue what I am from the neck up.
    Pick a single topic - inflation, US as world police, immigration, etc, and talk intelligently on it and I'll debate. But with that ridiculous 'spray and pray' approach and all you do is add to the polarization and chicken little ignorance.
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    For reference:
    What were you doing during the Vietnam War? You were 10 when it ended. I was married and my some of my school friends were there. Some did not come home. It's impossible to pick a 'single topic' when it comes to what's wrong with today's world. You obviously did not read the post I was referring to. Your gaslighting won't work on me.
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    Thinking you can define someone's characteristics by the generation they were born in is absurd. Or astrology. Same difference. You brought it up - not me. And maybe stop with the assumptions already? (like that people put genuine personal information on a social media site)
    I read the 5 year old post where Bill was pointing out something bad Trump did. I read your post where you're pointing out how bad it is now with Biden in office.
    I stand by what I said: There is always someone to blame. The sky is always falling. Some things ARE ALWAYS BAD. Do you honestly believe when one guy is in the White House everything is ok and when a different guy is there everything is bad? Do you sincerely tie your happiness to the government??
    YOU asked the question: "Are we happy now?" I answered. I don't put the key to my happiness in a politicians pocket. You don't need to either - you choose to. No skin off my nose.
    If you care to dive a little deeper into why you think 3.2 % inflation is bad, happy to discuss. I'm sorry some of your friends didn't come home from Vietnam - but what that has to do with discussing illegal immigration or overdose rates is waaaaay beyond my feeble understanding of logic and reason.
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    My financial status is in the hands of the politicians. I was a lot better off in 2019 vs today due to reasons stated above. I did bring up generational issues, never mentioned astrology, however I do have an idea where you pulled that from. Have you ever been charged $2.51 for an item and gave a young cashier $3.01? If that person does not have a cash register that calculates change some have no clue what to do. A member of congress was worried if too many people were on the island of Guam it might tip over. Hank was serious as a heart attack. If you have not noticed you must not get out much.

    As far as personal info on social media, no, I usually don’t. Although you should speak to your friend Bill being that he used my real name here many times and threatened to post info from FB from years ago. Ex SC RCSC Foundation President. And folks wonder why I don’t think a group of volunteers should have access to personal financial information.

    I brought up the war in Vietnam because you said I am Baby Boomer - likely same gen as you -. It had everything to do with your statement and nothing to do with “friends didn't come home from Vietnam - but what that has to do with discussing illegal immigration or overdose rates is waaaaay beyond my feeble understanding of logic and reason.” You never did deny my statement that you were 10 when it ended.

    I made a statement that obviously you disagree with and that’s fine. My happiness does not come from politicians or from the fact that it’s sunny and 66 degrees, it comes from Faith and Family. I can almost see the venom dripping from your replies to me, now that is sad. Don't let the forecast for rain over the next 5 days get you down.
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    Something to work with!

    Question: Does the political party in control of the White House effect inflation rates?
    Data: Average multiyear inflation - and party of president since 1993:
    2.58 D Clinton
    2.41 R Bush
    1.75 D Obama
    1.93 R Trump

    According to data - I'm going to say NO. Blaming a President or Party for inflation numbers is not reasonable.

    Question: What caused spikes in inflation in 2020 and 2021? I'm hard pressed to find any other reasonable answer than Covid response.

    Anyone have different data??
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    Who controls interest rates?
    The Federal Reserve.
    Who controls The Federal Reserve?
    The Board of Governors in Washington D.C.
    Who controls the board of governers?
    The Board of Governors--located in Washington, D.C.--is the governing body of the Federal Reserve System. It is run by seven members, or "governors," who are nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed in their positions by the U.S. Senate.

    What usually has an effect on inflation rates?
    Interest rates.
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    Thank you for continuing to prove my point.
    A red herring is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. [1] It may be either a logical fallacy or a literary device that leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion.
    The data I presented shows that IT DOESN"T MATTER who controls who controls who controls whom. The data shows THERE IS NO CORRELATION between POTUS and inflation.

    Next question:
    Is there a direct correlation between the controlling political party of the White House and how many of our young men and women die in overseas conflicts? Or better yet, overseas conflicts that do not reasonably effect the sovereignty of the USA? So without gathering any data, I'm going to postulate that since the conclusion of WWII, the number of soldiers lost in Korea, Vietnam, and on going Middle East conflicts was/is relatively equally distributed between blue and red presidents. I would be more than happy to hear from (and learn from) someone with historical data.
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    When did we start talking about casualties of war numbers under political parties? You are really taking a different path now. I believe it's called deflection..."Gaslighting:2 Deflection can be a form of gaslighting, because it attempts to distort reality. Narcissistic abuse:3. Deflection could also be a form of narcissistic abuse. A person with narcissistic traits may go to any lengths to seem as perfect as possible, including criticizing others who give them negative feedback ..." I told you before gaslighting does not work with me. Neither does NPD. Bye bye now.
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