You better sit down before reading this!

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  1. FYI

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    I probably shouldn't be posting this on social media put perhaps it will help to make much needed change?

    From first hand knowledge; woman reported that her husband's golf car was stolen from Sun Dial even though it was locked. So she and her husband went down to the corporate office and asked to see the video from the security cameras.

    Now sit down!

    They were told those cameras were fakes!!!!!!
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  2. Happy Hippie

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    This is a joke right? Although the guy who fixes mine told me how easy they are to steal even if locked. 5 minutes max. Mine is protected now.

    There were a lot of thefts in 2020/2021. People were going to parking lots with enclosed van and ramps. Throw the cart in neutral, push up ramp into van. They made it appear as though they were repair companies, so I guess it didn't look suspicious. No key needed. They are super easy to push, at least mine is.,202105
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  3. The keys for golf carts are all the same when I had my golfing days. Not sure now. I know the keys for the scooters in grocery stores and probably elsewhere are all the same.
  4. fixj

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    I see a lot of SC golf carts parked with garage door openers in plain sight. I don’t have registration , insurance card or garage door opener in the cart.
    A steering wheel bar or wheel boot is about the only way to secure a cart.
    Even old carts are stolen for their parts.
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  5. SCR

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    I don't ever remember reading anywhere that video cameras were in use at all sun city locations.
    In fact I think it was brought up at a meeting and response from powers to be was that it is too costly.
    You want live cameras? Be prepared for an assessment increase to cover the cost.;
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  6. Happy Hippie

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    I am not surprised by this at all. I have been dealing with the RCSC office, you know our community liaison and welcome center, since early February trying to help my 82 year old neighbor who just lost his life partner of 47 years. He's 82. He took the death cert. for refund on deceased rec card. They told him to get a lawyer. We did get that fixed after many emails and trips to Lakeview. Yesterday I phoned to get him help because he can't log into the portal to find his Tee Times. (He had already been there, but no one could help). I was told yesterday there was nothing they could do to help me, not because I was not him, they gave me all his info on file, but because they just couldn't. "He's just going to have to call the pro shops".
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  7. Janet Curry

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    If I remember correctly, our lack of technology prevents RCSC from adding surveillance cameras at many sites. That was a couple of years ago, but the problem may persist. Perhaps this would be a good question to ask at an Exchange meeting.
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