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    Whomever is the RCSC. Board crisis management advisor…they’re doing a great job for us, the members!!

    What about the other two items?
    Shall being replaced with May
    Loop hole to cancel Annual meeting??

    LET’s get to this meeting!!

    Sundial Auditorium, 11:00 a.m.
    • Call to Order
    • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Opening Remarks and Introductions
    • Board Quorum Verification
    • Member Comments on Meeting subject
    • Meeting Subject: General Manager Bill Cook – Request for the approval of the final budget to replace the Lakes East/West Golf and Grounds Maintenance buildings at a cost of $3,948,872.
    • Motion to Adjourn
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    The email:
    Upcoming SPECIAL Meeting Notice

    RCSC Board of Directors Meeting
    Monday, September 20, 2021 @ 11am
    Sundial Auditorium
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    You've got to love it don't you. There is in the corporate documents their ability to call a "special" board meeting and not having to give 7 days notice. Not sure why they would do that when we are going to spend 4 million dollars on a GOLF maintenance barn, especially when there is a regular scheduled board meeting 7 days later. Oh wait i get it, you really, really don't want to hear from members do you? It is so sad, it is pathetic. The big question will be; will they waive the next two readings?

    Let me just forewarn all of you: be careful, they truly do want to hang people out to dry for exercising their rights in this community. God, i am embarrassed by their actions.
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    I cannot wait for Karen’s answer to this statement hopefully in the independent.
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    Gotta love em don't ya. Basically what they are saying is she was an axe murderer but we can't tell you who she killed. Duh, if she did these things outside of executive session, then you can tell us who and what they were. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Sorry, as i learned from the big book, half measures availed us nothing. More half measures, innuendo and trust us we would never do anything untoward you all. You just did when you got up and walked out on Monday.
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    Okay so we got a dog and pony show I didn't think Dale was involved in this crap or maybe she was forced to write this letter because that is her job this trash that's running Sun City has to go it might take three or four elections but when they're gone everything's got to be opened up and gone through with a fine tooth comb. As far as I'm concerned every single person on this board's in on it 100% I really disappointment
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    Sad to see Dale Lehrer turned by the dark side. When she was still right-minded I considered her a moderating influence on the dictators on the Board. Karen is a victim of what I call "redneck justice" -- ie, you're guilty of whatever I say you're guilty of and that's what the summons/court record will read. Any one reading this that was arrested in a speed trap in any little town of Georgia or Florida in the 60's knows exactly what I mean.
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    I'm sure you all noticed that the ONLY item they're going allow Member Comments on is the 4 million dollar maintenance shack! If you try to talk about anything else they will simply shut you down and they have the right to do so.

    But....I still think its important to have Members show-up just to let them know that we're not going away! This meeting will most probably be only a few minutes longer that the last one!
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    The bigger question is: was this written and released by Dale or was it a board decision? It is unusual for them to do something like this in a singular fashion and not from the board. The real question is does it resolve and tamp down the anger or does it make it all worse? I found no solace in her words.

    I am encouraged the board suddenly is interested in dealing with conflicts of interest. This would be a great time to dig back into the records and start looking at the massive investment in the golf car paths back around the end of 2009 at Willow Creek. Then of course we had the sudden need to put a fresh face on the Oakmont Rec Center around 2015 or so. I would hate to think a sitting president influenced the board to suddenly make improvements that hadn't previously been recommended or in the budget. That would be a massive conflict of interest and may well result in people having to face very ugly consequences.

    Having taught Situational Ethics, i sat in the work sessions scratching my head. Really? All those golfers voting on 6 million dollar investments in our golf courses and nary a one recused themselves from the vote. Was i wrong in not reporting them? Or were they guilty of conflicts of interest? If in fact the current measuring stick wielded by the board is right, the answer is we both were in the wrong. Thank God Dale is their to get this all straightened out.

    In fact, now that i think about it, seems to me a clay club got some prime space in the new Grand Ave Center. If memory serves me, that club used to be at Lakeview and at one time the president there was Dale Lehrer. And now that i think back about it, Dale might even have been on the ad hoc long range planning committee that oversaw who got what space. I could be wrong and if so i apologize. And then i look at some of the other space allocated at the new Grand Center and another former member may have been on the camera club board at one time from Sun Dial. And then were the board members who were active at the Oakmont Rec Center and actively lobbied for a club from there to get the space when the Stained Glass club from Bell said hell no we won't go. No surprise there, they never even asked for new space. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

    Then you have to wonder about anyone involved with the corporation who have multiples in homes owned in Sun City. Every time they push or promote money being spent, is it for the good of the community or to enhance their real estate portfolio? Nope, not accusing anyone of anything. You can see the conundrum we run into; eventually everyone in positions of authority are in an awkward position. Is it a benefit to them or are they simply looking to the good of the community?

    Let's say a board member pushed for the Rec Centers to open for guests this past Easter. By then, both Sun City West and Sun City Grand had opened their doors to Easter visitors. So, if a board member pushed for us to do the same for the hundreds of residents who get Easter visitors, and oh by the way, she would get to bring her visitors to the pool, is that a conflict of interest or is suggesting a common sense suggestion given what other communities (our competition) were doing?

    See Dale, a really slippery slope. Where do you draw the line? Oh my God, there's so much more to unravel, but i have this funny idea the easiest thing is to plug your ears and ignore the chatter. I've lived her a long time, know too much and always elected to believe the things board and or management were doing things for the right reason. But by God if we are going to start booting people for their sins...what's the saying...those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
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    C2A25482-6C16-4129-8F12-DF5CA59DA6A0.jpeg 1D6076F7-6D44-42A1-AAFC-8A98F7CF46B3.jpeg
    What is the difference in the original Special Meeting notice emailed and the Corrected notice just now emailed??
    Attached agendas are the same.
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    Yeah, they only require 72 hours for a Special Session!
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    So as long as we are flinging monkey shit around, lets jump into the back to the future car and revisit just following our 50th anniversary (2010). We still had the original long range planning committee and it was co-chaired by board members, as is still the case today. The committee identified pickleball as the number one need to be addressed. I won't use names, but the chairman was a good board member and was an even bigger fan of pickleball.

    He helped push through the pball pavilion, though some on the committee wanted either a complete rebuild of the center and or an indoor air conditioned building. From start to finish he shepherded it through. When he went off the board he played regularly and was a big proponent for the game. Not one time, not even close to one time did anyone accuse him of a conflict of interest. If we were to apply the same standards to him as they did to Karen, hell, he would have been fired before the project ever got off the ground.

    The point is, they have taken what has been the norm over the years and trivialized it as an excuse to fire her. Shameful.
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    Just saw this on the Nextdoor app. There are no comments for it and it was posted 6 hours ago. What is this person trying to say?

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    So when or what decides whether you're simply doing your job and looking out for the Members or when you're in a conflict of interest?
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    Good to know they are reading this site FYI. Too bad i mentioned the difference between a "Special Session" and just calling it a "Board Meeting." Glad we could help them out clarifying their documents, obviously they don't pay much attention to them. It would have been embarrassing to have someone point out on Monday the fact they didn't label it a special session and the notice they sent wouldn't have been posted timely. OMG, it's times like these we used to say, "just give your head a shake."

    By the way RCSC, you are welcome for the assistance.
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    You won't be allowed to even make that point. They'll only allow you to talk about the 4 million maintenance shack!!! Should be another quick meeting!
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    Indeed FYI, where is that line it becomes just doing your job or when you are looking out for your own needs? Karen actually answered that question for them, i don't think any one of them listened. There is ample case law to support those gray areas, but let's be blunt here; as a community we have given more leeway towards not being a conflict of interest than it being so. In fact, all of the instances i provided above never raised an eyebrow. I guess one could say Karen was special.
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    She was special alright, she was the only board member who understood the purpose and mission of the RCSC as a corporation!

    The board thinks THEY are the corporation. Karen understands the MEMBERS are the corporation! Without Members there is no corporation!
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    Yikes; heresy. Bite thy tongue.
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    OMG, we exploded past 18,000 reads and are well on our way to 19K. FYI talked about Karen understanding the role of the board, here's why she was different: Here is the point he was making from the Articles of Incorporation: "
    The general nature of the business in which the Corporation is engaged is as follows:
    To do anything and everything lawfully necessary in the interest of the Members of the Corporation, including, without limitation, the following."
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