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Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by OneDayAtATime, Oct 14, 2021.

  1. OneDayAtATime

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    Sent October 13, 2021
    Another eye-opening display of raised voices, finger pointing, and accusations were leveled at the October 11th RCSC Board of Directors meeting. If you haven’t watched it yet on Sun Cities YouTube channel, you should.

    A would-be candidate for next year who was not able to make the October 6th Mandatory Candidate meeting that the Board set (without first consulting any of the candidates for a good time and date for all), dropped the C word (COVID) while at the microphone admitting exposure. In answering the candidate, Director Hoffer once again showed us how not to act while sitting on the Board both in his manner, tone, and facial features as well as his well exceeding the three (3) minute timeframe that is allotted for speaking.

    What should have happened? President Wilson should have seen that a round of heated “he said, she said” was going to take place, and instead of letting that happen, should have used her authority as president to call for an immediate Executive or Special session so that the would-be candidate and the Board could assemble off stage to create a timeline around all the dates involved to see whether or not anyone had been exposed. They could have reassembled on the stage and 1. Reassured us that the candidate was indeed exposed but had already proven negative in her Covid test OR 2. Explained the timeline or sequence of events in a calm manner and told us that we all had been exposed either on September 30 or that day and reminded us of what our options were.

    And the email blast from the Board sent on October 12th did nothing to explain what took place and whether anyone who attended should be concerned. I’m not saying that I think the would-be contender is guilty or not guilty. I’ve watched the meeting twice, and I’m still not sure what date the exposure was, what date the email was sent about not being able to attend the mandatory meeting, or what date the negative test was issued.

    In the future, my hope is that bias will be left at the door and opinions will be based on fact, not “he said, she said.”

    PS: It was also a bit disconcerting to discover that the RCSC will turn to their security system and the scanning or using your RCSC card at the facilities to help them prove a point. Did they ever think that perhaps the card had not been swiped but that “someone” had just given her number (given at Board meetings when speaking) to the attendant? Mistakes do happen. I guess it’s true that Big Brother is always watching!!
  2. carptrash

    carptrash Active Member

    What a mess.
  3. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Someone can correct me, but I think if a number is given or a photo-less key fob is used a picture comes up on the monitor's computer screen to verify the person's identity. If the number and name is just entered on a clipboard sheet with no human monitor present, there's no confirmation.
  4. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    I heartily agree.
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  5. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    I've tried to avoid weighing in on this. I was uncomfortable sitting in the audience watching and listening to it, and it still is troubling. Why? Because it boils down to this; either one side is telling us a lie, or the other side fabricated punching in a member's number to justify their actions. In either case, it is just butt ugly.

    I am a little familiar with the Mountainview arrangement regarding signing in. It is one of those centers where they have cut the number of monitors to save a few bucks. MYy recollection is if you are using the pool or the fitness area, you have your card scanned (unless the monitor has walked away from the desk and you sign in on a sheet). The other locations at the center don't have monitors and users are on their own. It was part of the argument from pickleball that usage wasn't accurately tracked or recorded.

    The only absolute way to know the truth starts with the method of how the data was entered. Electronic recording by card, or did someone hand enter her number? Do i really care at this point? Not from a practical standpoint. From a trust matters. In all likelihood, we will never know.
  6. Poison_Ivy

    Poison_Ivy Member

    Exactly, that is how pickleball attendance is monitored at Mt. View. People sign a clipboard (if they remember) to play pickleball there. Most times it's ignored. This is why these courts are pretty much considered public courts and many people from outside of SC are always using them and the "FREE" balls that are provided, and mysteriously disappear when they're done playing. "ANYONE " could have signed Lori's name and member # to that sheet, it's incredible the BOD was using that as evidence, very flimsy.
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  7. Enquirer

    Enquirer Member

    Isn’t the Pickle Ball gate kept locked to entry?

    Players can exit through the gate, but not enter, unless someone holds the gate open for them.

    so, how is it “open to the public”?
  8. Poison_Ivy

    Poison_Ivy Member

    That is true for Marinette but Mt. View is an open gate from the time rhe rec center opens until it's locked at closing time. Chain link gate, swings both ways, no faculty to swipe your card. Quite a ways away from facility workers, hence the sign in sheet which is usually ignored.
  9. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Rusty kind of messed up in the timeline when writing his article but watching the video of the meeting gives you the right order. We don't know the date of exposure, whether the 2 negative tests took place and why the additional protection of wearing a mask indoors for 14 days to avoid exposing others didn't happen. We'll never know and at this point it's done.
  10. OneDayAtATime

    OneDayAtATime Active Member

    Aggie, where is the article you are talking about above?
  11. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    It's in this week's Independent.

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