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  1. eyesopen

    eyesopen Well-Known Member

    Members are encouraged to participate in our Sun City self governance.

    Are you unable to attend the RCSC monthly Board of Director business and Exchange meetings?

    Your questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, ideas and compliments are important and welcome any time!

    Email the general manager and the board!
    ** Do not email to board office to forward to the directors, unless you really want the board coordinator to know the content of your email…and anyone else she chooses to share it with❗️

    RCSC Corporate Management
    • General Manager: Matthew D’Luzansky - mdluzansky@suncityaz.org 2024

    RCSC Board of Directors
    • President: Kat Fimmel – kfimmel@suncityaz.org
    • Vice President: Karen McAdam – kmcadam@suncityaz.org
    • Secretary: Connie Jo Richtmyre – crichtmyre@suncityaz.org
    • Treasurer: Anita Borski – aborski@suncityaz.org
    • Director: Steve Collins – scollins@suncityaz.org
    • Director: Tom Foster – tfoster@suncityaz.org
    • Director: Preston Kise – pkise@suncityaz.org
    • Director: Chris Nettesheim – cnettesheim@suncityaz.org
    • Director: Jim Rough – jrough@suncityaz.org

    Go to RCSC board website to see what areas a director serves on; committees, commissions and liaisons.
    Also, photo - 2024 RCSC Board of Directors:

    * RCSC Meetings:
    * View meetings on RCSC YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdLy0Uy9sKWCJNLz37tn5ug
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  2. John Fast

    John Fast Well-Known Member

    Don't expect a response...
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  3. FYI

    FYI Well-Known Member

    I'm still looking for a single email address that will allow an email to go to all 9 Directors rather than having to address each one individually.
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  4. Happy Hippie

    Happy Hippie Active Member


    "Kat Fimmel" <kfimmel@suncityaz.org>; "Karen McAdam" <kmcadam@suncityaz.org>; "Connie Jo Richtmyre" <crichtmyre@suncityaz.org>; "Anita Borski" <aborski@suncityaz.org>; "Steve Collins" <scollins@suncityaz.org>; "Tom Foster" <tfoster@suncityaz.org>; "Preston Kise" <pkise@suncityaz.org>; "Chris Nettesheim" <cnettesheim@suncityaz.org>; "Jim Rough" <jrough@suncityaz.org>

    copy and paste in your to line. then depending what email you use you can make a contact list
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  5. Joelyn

    Joelyn New Member

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  6. Tom Trepanier

    Tom Trepanier Well-Known Member

    When the SAC was running strong I emailed a question to 2 or 3 board members and received no response. This is a sad commentary. Eventually Jean responded to my questions. Thanks again Jean!

    I do not email board members anymore. Seems a waste of time.
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  7. Tom, you ever think of posting your questions here? There are bound to be some people who know the answer or where to find it. Give it a try.
  8. John Fast

    John Fast Well-Known Member

    I agree with both Tom and GdV. Sending questions to the Board is a waste of time but folks will freely share their knowledge and opinions on this forum.
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  9. Right on John.
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  10. Janet Curry

    Janet Curry Well-Known Member

    Is it because they get too many emails that they can't respond to them all or do they just do not care what the Members think?
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  11. Tom Trepanier

    Tom Trepanier Well-Known Member

    Have posted many questions on this site. As you know responses are an interesting mixed bag.
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  12. Tom Trepanier

    Tom Trepanier Well-Known Member

    Cannot speak for any board member, but I will guess they pick and choose whom and what they respond to. If they have email addresses they ought to respond to each and every item they receive. (imho)
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  13. John Fast

    John Fast Well-Known Member

    I have no idea what they do now. When Jean was on the Board, she actively encouraged us to respond to all emails. I suspect that has changed.
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  14. jeb

    jeb Well-Known Member

    As everybody is saying: Don't expect a response, reply, or even simple acknowledgement of receipt. Very sad.
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