RCSC Board Circus is still in town for the holidays

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  1. The November 17 meeting was quite entertaining. Sit back and laugh!
    It's like watching Spanky and the Gang try to put on a show. Don't take it seriously.
    • The board still doesn't know how to communicate. Robert's Rules - just another joke as they try to understand them. The board can make policy to override Robert's rules. Not knowing that adds more humor to the show!
    • New Term "RESCIND" vs "RECONSIDER". It's another word game show on TV. It's another attempt to re-vote on the second reading of last month's budget motion. If you took this seriously, you would have found the meeting painful. Sit back, enjoy and laugh!
    • Postpone or Reconsider? Which is it? It's easy to see and understand what is being requested. Watch the gang fall over themselves. When did Abbot & Costello join the gang? Laugh! Its funny!
    • Inability to focus on the motion. Is it the motion, or is it the move to amend the motion. Can't I postpone this now? Even the parliamentarian didn't know how to answer. Funny!!
    • Too much formality in allowing discussion. More slapstick humor. Looks like Spanky (Dale) is is in over her head.
    • Fewer member comments. One denial to a member that wanted to speak on another agenda motion. More time is spent finding a technicality rather than allowing a 2 minute comment. The one sad moment in the show.
    • And what about Alfalfa (GM) when asked what happens if we don't have an approved Budget on January 1. His response "We will have to Shut Down". Most everyone groaned. The members should have laughed!
    • Members are here to have fun! All we get is admonishment from Spanky as she threatens to clear the room.
    In the end, the Members won! Even if not perfect and some wins are temporary
    • Motion to Rescind the Last Budget Vote - FAILED. 5 to 4 in favor, needed 6 in favor. Darla came through and save the day. This motion cannot be brought back (unless they find third word to use (rescind, reconsider, ???). Can they bring this motion back in December (as currently written) or will Alfalfa need to redo it. Maybe use the Money the RCSC has (carryforward).
    • Motion to Reinstate Policies that are currently in the bylaws passed. But they still remain in the current bylaws. No contention on this one. Why couldn't they just remove them from the bylaws at the same time? The judge thinks the bylaws can only be changed at one time with ALL the changes the committee recommended. Just keep laughing. We will all still be here in January and enjoying the facilities as always.
    • Motion to accept the revised (en masse) failed it's second reading. 6 Votes in Favor were require. Did not happen. Will this be a Rescind motion in December. Come and be entertained.
    • New business passed. Everyone was tired by then and I was aching from all the laughter. Nothing controversial in the new business.
    Pity is that old business could have been handled as quickly as new business. But "Our Gang" needs to put on a show.
    • Assessment fee is controversial. Pass the budget without the increase. Make Alfalfa come up with the $750,000 from somewhere else or cut something else. No need to threaten members with a SHUT-DOWN.
    • Pass the Bylaw changes in pieces.
      • There are many changes that are palatable to to everyone. Pass those first. Its like eating desert first. After that we can talk about spinach, brussell sprouts and things everyone doesn't like.
      • Find ways to work on the controversial. Seek out better recipes so more people can tolerate and eat.
      • It should be an iterative process.
      • But I guess it's funnier to see Spanky and the Judge try to cram it down everyone's throat at once.
    Come to the Member/Board exchange.
    Come to the next Board Meeting.
    Come be Entertained.
    Continue Laughing!
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    My word LC quite the wordsmith. It was another long and painful session and as it unfolded, even the most ardent supporters were getting miffed by how poorly the meeting was handled. It's a comedy of errors and they clearly have no idea what they are doing. It would be funny if it wasn't so tragically painful to watch. By the way, the comment by the general manager about closing the facilities down on January 1st was insanity.

    Somebody best tell him to read the facilities agreement, you know, the one every buyer has to sign when they move into Sun City. Duh, just freaking DUH! They closed down during the pandemic and told us foo bad, but my best guess is should he shut them down because the board didn't give him his budget, he and the board would all be sued for a gazillion dollars. We have to keep paying, the money is still coming in and they have a boatload of money in carry forward...but let's close the facilities because i didn't get my way.

    Honestly, it is embarrassing to watch. Here's the kicker, it is going to get worse. The stuff they are doing to insure the election outcome is slowly trickling out. Stay tuned.
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    I've been sending them e-mails for years trying to explain to them the power of Special Rules of Order to no avail! They only fall back to Robert's Rules when the ruling can be used against the Members or board member's who are not agreeing with what the Chair and her cohorts want!

    Yeah, you're right again! What kinda joke is that? More e-mails that I sent trying to explain the difference between a "session" and a "meeting" and how those confusions about when those motions can or cannot be made all go away if they just face the fact that their meetings are separate individual sessions.

    If you want a laugh consider this; Robert's Rules says you can't vote on the same motion more than once in any one session. So if they're claiming that their sessions last the entire year, then how are they allowed to have the second reading and vote? If they would simply admit that each meeting is a separate session then any motion that fails can simply be brought up again at the very next meeting...and continue to do so until the motion either passes or the maker of the motion stops making it!

    It's worse than Spanky and Our Gang. It's more like The Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight!
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  4. It is a farce. It is comedy. Laughing at it is the only way to keep your sanity.
    I'm not going to let it ruin my day.

    Alfalfa can lose sleep. He's well paid to deal with the stress. I'm not. I won't. I'm here to have fun.

    This whole thing is a comedic tragedy. Ha Ha Ha.
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    Not quite true! The truth is, you can't Rescind a motion that did not pass! Because the motion to approve the proposed budget didn't pass there's nothing to rescind! (RONR 35:2 (2) )

    Now I see there's going to be a Planning Session on December 5th at 9 a.m. at Sun Dial right after the Member/Board Exchange! Should be interesting to see how they worm their way thru some of the items that weren't decided on at the last board meeting!
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