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  1. At board meetings, Spanky and the Judge continue to give power to a single person - The RCSC Lawyer.
    This lawyer is the FINAL arbiter of all things controversial. The board is telling the members to SUE ME if they don't agree with the boards opinion, which is backed up by the lawyer.

    At Member/Board Exchanges, the board realized they cannot shut the members up. So they gave the power to any SINGLE member to go to the back of the room and ring the bell. First bell could not be heard. Now its a bigger bell. Soon it will be the Liberty Bell from the Bell Center.

    Why give so much power to a single person?

    For the Board Meetings, stop giving the Lawyer all the power. How can one member sue the RCSC? If I had that kind of money, I would be living somewhere else. Probably at several somewhere's.

    For the exchanges, Let a member ring the bell. Then take a poll from the audience as to whether the speaker should be allowed to continue. Let the audience decide, not just one person.

    Maybe I'll go the bell and ring it every time someone speaks (to make my point). I would get to go home sooner I would even ring it when Alfalfa gives his "State of the Union" address and when Spanky tries to spank us!
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    I kinda know where you're going with this Lou, but the Exchanges are the ONLY place we get to voice our concerns! Sure, there's a few who get up there and drag things out, but that's the exception not the rule.

    The only items we get to comment on at board meetings are those items that are listed on their so called agenda, which, BTW, they never approve anymore!!! But that's a story for another day. So...when at the last meeting the motion to Reconsider was suddenly changed to Rescind, that kinda shut the door on anybody who wanted to comment on that motion which was about the budget and the increase in the assessment! The only motion on the agenda was the one to Reconsider!
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  3. I'm not sure you get my point. I would let them speak and speak and speak. But the way the bell is setup today, the speaker is cancelled by any single person in the audience. Let the speaker finish. Even if it gets repetitive and boring. Kill the Bell is what I want. The bell is a farce and an insult to the members. The bell is a trick from the Dark Side.
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    The bell is an insult to everyone in the room. Basically what it does is allow those who don't want to hear a discussion try and kill it. If someone is drudging on, ask them to wrap up their thoughts and let others have the floor/mic. When Dave tried to kill questions regarding the bylaws, it was shameful. We already knew the board was going to try and jam it through in one reading and asking legitimate and pertinent questions at this meeting was one of the venues we had an opportunity to get answers.

    We know Dave loved his body of work and it seemed having to answer questions was out of bounds for him. Arguing because they worked so long and hard on it, what it actually said and did was immaterial. The truth of the matter is, the "consensus agreement" was defeated when the board stripped the members rights to gather signatures on RCSC property. Truly an unforgivable sin unless of course you are the board president gathering signatures to insure members vote for your hand picked candidates.
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    And I wish I had the bell at the board meeting when Dave tried to justify the bylaw revision and then went on to his pity-party....they're picking on me! Wah-wah-wah!

    Gee, you would think that a guy who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room would just let criticism roll off his back?
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