Performing Arts Center best location?

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    Wow, this was what I wrote nearly 10 years ago while serving on the Long Range Planning Committee. The then Committee Chair was Larry Klein and two things came out of intensive study of what RCSC Centers/Amenities should receive attention with funds coming from the PIF. A pickleball facility at Marinette and a boatload of funds for golf. The golf “mandatory” expenses included irrigation, storage facilities and Viewpoint Lake repair and these hits to the PIF were only disclosed after our committee had worked on plans for a long time. Sound familiar?

    My summation to the Committee Chair in concluding our work included the following and keep in mind this was January 2012:

    “I took my time in responding as it seemed important to get some input from Sun City residents and prospective buyers. The major constraints in planning any additional new recreational facilities in the near term are the possible costs that may be incurred with Viewpoint Lake repairs, avoiding unnecessary annual assessment increases and the current economy. We’ve been told it’s imperative to go forward with the necessary irrigation repairs to the golf courses and we must rely on the direction of the BOD and Management f0r justifying these expenses from the PIF.

    Bell Center: The location of a 400 seat Performing Arts Center would be ideal at the southeast corner of 99th & Hutton if the site indeed meets all requirements. There would be no disruption of service while being constructed, there is plenty of parking available, easily accessible, and it wouldn’t displace other activities. The next generation seems to be more involved in the arts, learning, lectures and musical performances. The groups involved in the performing arts have waited a long time for a place to showcase their talent and at the same time provide comfortable seating for the audience.”

    Plans for the Performing Arts Center at Bell were drafted showing the placement of the building, adequate parking and the required water retention area. Viewpoint Lake was never satisfactorily repaired, the irrigation at the golf courses ballooned into major course redesigns, pro shops rebuilt and now golf is once again the reason we are in a bind over expense. Oh, let’s not forget the purchase of the property on Grand which never came before the membership or Long Range Planning before it was a done deal.

    I hope the Performing Arts people can get behind an alternative that will get a building constructed sooner and allow much more space for what is needed at Mountain View.

    Phew….now I need to meditate for a bit.
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    Someone needs to find that study or report on the Plans for the Performing Arts Center at Bell. That seems to be a very good alternative.
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    Aggie's right, virtually everything is simply revisiting old territory. For the longest time the membership and committee's played an aggressively active role in the decision making process. Aggie can tell you at least as good as i can how that evolved into them becoming virtually meaningless. She volunteered on served on them for the past 20 years and more diligent than most. During that time frame, the ideas committees came up with simply had lessor value.

    The gm had her agenda and golf was at the core of it. To this day i cannot explain why. She was a smart woman with lots of skills, and apparently she felt she knew best. Sure, boards were complicit with her, but the commonly held belief was we were paying her to have all the answers. It was utter and complete nonsense.

    Here's the other problem. If you watched the video from the other day, you saw there is an inability for management to get their hands on older documents. Aggie talks about the plan for the performing arts theater to be there; it should be easily and readily available. Is it? My sense is data preservation has not been a priority. Which is pretty pathetic given how easy it is to store data to the cloud. Sadly we now know technology was never a "thing" in Sun City.

    In the end, the board simply points to the annual membership fee and tells us how good everything is. I learned long ago, everything comes at a cost. Everything.
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    Bell only, unless they want to level Oakmont and move the practice greens and 9th hole at North course and relocate the driving range.
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    The well thought plan for planting the performing arts center at Bell was too practical & made too much sense! Was it Ek’s idea to build extravagantly?? No matter how much time and money? I’ve heard concerns of no bids being taken on projects and suspect contractor “deals!” The more I learn, the worse it gets.
    We must demand the Bell plan be revived for consideration!!
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    Lots of luck! This know doubt is one of those "corporate affairs" that we, the Members, have no influence over.

    If they're not going to allow us to vote at our own membership meetings, do you really think they give a crap about what we think?

    And if the Players Club had any sense they would welcome a stand alone facility. First of all, it could be built a lot sooner than waiting for Mountain View. And how happy do you think they're gonna be when they're putting on a performance and you can hear bouncing basketballs and squeaky sneakers coming from the gym?

    I believe there are many more pro's for a stand alone theater than there are con's, not to mention it will reduce the cost of the Mountain View facility and eliminate the concerns for parking.

    Just my opinion!

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