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    Peg asked this in another thread and rather than much up said thread, i've moved it here for further discussion. She said this:
    Don't know where to post this.
    Here is info regarding Classified information.
    It is my personal opinion that all and every bit of information government and other can be obtained
    So why bother to classify it?
    Comments please.
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    Rather than using your single source of reference peg, you need to do a much deeper dive than what you posted. There are also limitation on wikipedia, and i have no interest in debating them. The better source for you (staying with wikipedia) would be this site: Once you have looked it over you will see any number of categories for classified documents. Each of the categories comes with varying levels of access, dependent on clearance levels.

    I suspect your question is/was regarding the documents the former president stole (sorry, what else would you call it?). If he had taken them by mistake, he should have returned them, all of them when they asked him to (on two occasions). For whatever reasons he didn't. Don't ask me, ask him. Anyway, this notion that as president he can just waive a wand and they become declassified doesn't work that way. There is a process but we know he wasn't a big process guy.

    To answer your question peg, classified documents are done for a reason. The higher the level of classified documents (see the link), the more likely the docs are significant to national security. That's why they have such stringent rules in place at the White House, the president clearly has the highest clearance, but it doesn't give him the authority to take them when he leaves. Hope that helps.

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