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  1. BPearson

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    Okay, so I've become a reality tv junkie. Love to see the shows that showcase people and their talents. Without these kinds of shows most of them would be flipping burgers in armpit Iowa.

    Been watching for years and last night was the granddaddy of performances. On the show the Voice, Jordan Smith took on one of my favorites by Queen. He took a signature Freddy Mercury song and made it even better (who would have thunk it?).

    If you missed it, here's the youtube link for Somebody To Love.

    It doesn't get any better than this.
  2. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    He did a good job but better than Freddy Mercury. No way.
  3. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    No question C, Freddie Mercury was a force of nature and along with Queen created some of the best music going. Here's there official version of Somebody to Love. Though I suspect some of his concerts on Youtube are less choreographed and more real.

    As far as Jordan Smith, I felt Adam Levine's decision to have him perform this classic Queen monster was a stroke of genius. Hardly in his wheelhouse. But when the choir behind him was thrown in to the mix it was a thing of beauty. Of course Alexandra Burke's performance on X-Factor of Hallelujah with the choir gave me similar chills.
  4. BPearson

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    A good friend of the family (long since having moved on to a better place, nope, didn't live in Sun City), used to tease my mother about reality shows...he said, it just shows what the bottom 30 percentile of the population is doing with their lives." My mother used to get absolutely livid over that one. Of course she claims Survivor (the show, not the band) is the greatest television show ever made).

    Breaking Amish? How about the one on the Amish mafia. Or why not Duck Dynasty...OMG.

    So C, are you here now?

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