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Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by CMartinez, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. CMartinez

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    Hi Folks,

    I see after Bill's farewell address, this forum has come to a stop. There is just one thing I would like to clear up. There were several posts regarding some issues with Carole and and it was alleged this person's involvement lead to some disastrous outcomes.

    I also read these posts on this forum, and when I saw the name "Carole", and the ire at which it provoked Bill, I felt faint. Upon reading more of the posts, I realized it was not me, Carole Martinez, who was errant in this particular case. The person referred to in these posts is another "Carole", who is alleged to be at fault.

    Also, after reading "SCHOA is Committed to Keeping YOU Informed!", and having the discussion around the vendor list, it appears to this writer there is a bit of communication lacking when it comes to keeping "YOU" informed.

    Bill Pearson is Sun City, AZ. He loves this area, it's rich history, but most of all, its people. He is an adamant supporter of all things positive about Sun City, so the recent bout of poor decisions made by several individuals and companies in Sun City has left him hurt, angry, and used. To Bill Pearson, my deepest compassion is sent your way, as we, too, have been scammed within our lifetime. What made it even worse, there were no remedies in place to allow for any restitution of the monies lost. The anger, dismay, and humiliation was infuriating, and felt so conned and used,we felt it best to never seek assistance from another contractor again. That line of thinking gets us nowhere in the process, as in order for the work to continue, additional help was needed. We chose to seek help outside an approved vendor list, being ever so cautious with our decisions, commitments, and dollars. The work was eventually completed, but the sting of being bested by a system designed to "protect" the citizenry who used it, well, was still fresh in our hearts and minds.

    So, to bring this thread to an end, I am not the "Carole" in question. And, Bill, we miss you dearly, and hope you have been able to find alternate remedies to the horrible situation at your home. Peace to all.
  2. aggie

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    This forum's not dead...just dormant as it has been off & on over the months. We just got back from visiting family back east for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was so strange to have to pack all warm clothes and a heavy jacket!! It was to good to be back here in our nest.

    I'm a bit dismayed at the recent outbursts online regarding this contractor issue. The anger and solution by a homeowner to this dispute against this contractor lies in Small Claims Court, Better Business Bureau or the Maricopa County Registrar of Contractors. I haven't seen any negative review posts online regarding this contractor and that is another avenue to voice complaints to the public.

    I'm sure SCHOA has been following this Forum and has taken steps to review their Business Partner Program with necessary changes going forward.

    Now....can we have some much needed rain!!:glee:
  3. Cynthia

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    You might have disliked reading about it, but it's precisely the beauty of an independent forum. How else are we to know about this potential problem?

    The point is we should be able to know something after one epidode. Why should another person be potentially wronged without warning. It wasn't a small cost him a lot to repair. And the fact that the GM had just had work done by that company is concerning that a decision could have been based on that relationship.

    I will not use the SCHOA recommended partners anymore until we are allowed to see users complaints. It's standard now to be able to read reviews. Apparently they do collect the reviews, I've seen the form, but they treat us like children when they decide what we can know or not know.
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  4. admin

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    This forum is not dead, we launched it and have continued to support the site without making any money. We are looking for ways to grow the participation but have new users that register daily.

    This is an independent forum and not associated with the developer so users can post honest feedback here and we appreciate everyone's participation and support.


    TOSC Team
  5. CMartinez

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    I made a poor choice of words, and I apologize for doing so. I am so grateful to have such a place to come, view, and participate in. I thank all of the hard working folks associated with TOSC for providing this service to the community.
  6. CMartinez

    CMartinez Active Member

    .I see after Bill's farewell address, this forum has come to a stop.

    I was feeling a little guilty, having been deemed the one to have stated the forum was dead. I quickly apologized for my words, not having gone back to read what it was that I wrote. I do find value in the TOSC and rely on it for informal, friendly, educated discussion. I have gone back and read and reread my post, and nowhere did I say the "forum was dead". I did say the forum had come to a stop, which in my mind is not a a death sentence, just slowed down quite a bit.

    My apology stands, as perhaps the way I stated the sentence might lead someone to think I implied it was not doing well, but I also feel I did not need an admonishment from the Admin. as I feel I was clear in my statement about the forum has come to a stop. Nowhere in this post did I sound the death knell for the TOSC.

    I appreciate the independence of the TOSC group, which allows for open discussion and honest feedback within the various Sun Cities pages. I would love to be able to garner a greater number of participants to the site, as it has so many benefits available to these Sun City communities. I have thought quite a bit as to what may be done to attract new participants, but all of those efforts would require additional monies for advertising. The events which come to mind are those sponsored events where participants are allowed to place tables and meet face to face with the folks attending. It would be at one of these events, handouts with the URL, could be given as well as interact with some of those to stop by an ask questions. Just trying to come up with ideas to make the group expand and attract new members.

    Love the new layout of the new site, can't wait to see what other changes occurred as well.

    Carole M
  7. CMartinez

    CMartinez Active Member

    Admin - There is a Senior Expo coming to Sun City, Sundial Center, on January 23, 2018. The booth space rent is pretty high as far as I am concerned. But, they do offer an eighth page ad for $150 in the program. I know, still kind of steep for a site which is not making any money. Yet, it would be a great chance to get the site information out to those of Sun City for Sun City. Just an idea, trying to keep things on the positive side.
  8. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    Really good idea, CM. :)

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