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    When someone says, "Tell me about yourself..." I always laugh. I try to figure out what we might have in common. I grew up for 20 years in Marion, Ohio (the hometown of President Warren G Harding). We were poor. I was the youngest of 6 kids (plus many half-brothers and sisters). Then, I spent 24 years near Chicago working for UPS and Bank One/Chase. Then, I moved to NJ and DE for four years before moving to Scottsdale. My wife and I moved to the original Sun City ten years ago.

    I often have something in common with everyone I meet. Here is some of my background (in no specific order).
    AVIATION- I have been flying airplanes (off and on) for 42 years. I am a Certified Flight Instructor at Glendale, Arizona.
    MORTGAGE- I spent much of my career in the mortgage business. I am an instructor and handle Reverse Mortgages for folks in Arizona.
    REAL ESTATE- I am licensed in real estate. I buy apartment complexes. I am also an instructor through the Arizona Department of Real Estate authorized to instruct in Real Estate Legal Issues and Ethics.
    MUSIC- I played the trumpet for 20 years and still practice for TAPS events. I sang in a number of church choirs. I also sang in the barbershop chorus here in Arizona.
    BIBLE - I graduated from Bible college and taught for a Bible college.
    MILITARY- My family was all military. Due to a medical issue, I was not activated but became a Lieutenant Colonel with the Air Force Auxiliary and flew in cooperation with the Drug Enforcement Agency.
    WIDOWED - I was widowed after being with my (late) wife for 25 years. She endured 4 1/2 years of bresat cancer, bone cancer, skin cancer, and liver cancer. I'm happily married now to an Algebra teacher.
    HORSES - I showed my horse in 4H at the county fair as a teenager. I still wear cowboy boots and hat.
    MOTORCYCLE- You will see me around Sun City enjoying the sunshine.
    SKYDIVING - I went through jump school in Eloy, AZ. I also jumped in New Jersey and Casa Grande, AZ.
    AUTHOR AND SPEAKER - Author of "Overqualified/Underqualified"
    ROTARY - Paul Harris Fellow
    EXERCISE - I completed two half-marathons and a triathlon after I was widowed.

    I (literally) created a name tag titled "YOUR Instructor". I could go on, but you get the idea...
    Life is TOO SHORT! Let's chat sometime.
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    Hi, Wes! Jump on over to the General Discussion Forum. Lots of talk about, yep, Sun City! See you there!!

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