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Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by BPearson, Jun 8, 2022.

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    Lest we forget our history, another reminder: in 1975, with 652 members present at the quarterly membership meeting in March, members made and passed motions regarding bylaws from the floor. The answer as to how and why this was done, allowed? Because that is what the Articles of Incorporation called for. The same freaking Articles we had last year in Dec at our annual membership meeting with a quorum present.


    What possibly could have changed to strip members of their rights? It couldn't be what they wrote into the bylaws because the bylaws cannot be in conflict with the Articles. The Articles trump the bylaws every time. The difference is the RCSC board doesn't want the members to have those rights, even though they do. So, to shut us out, they dragged in their attorney of long standing to make shit up. Nope, not being harsh, just realistic.

    Finally, where the hell is the agenda for next Thursday's meeting. I thought it always came out the Thursday before the meeting? Anyone else hearing rumors about golf pass increases for members? Seems information has worked its way to the links and some golfers are angry. And to be clear, virtually all my rants about golf of late have been directed towards the non member full play passes. If you recall, the RCSC solution was to wait till January and increase their full play pass by $250, which was ridiculously low and would do little.
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    Next RCSC board meeting is
    Thursday, June 30, 2022 @ 9am, Sundial.
  3. BPearson

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    And the agenda is where?
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    Agenda will be posted a week before the 30th…
    that will be June 23rd. Today is June 17th.
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    Thanks, i get easily confused. 6 Thursdays this month. Very cool to be so long retired calendars become unimportant.
  6. FYI

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    Only the Members of the Board!
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  7. eyesopen

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    And a GM who strung them up as her willing puppets!
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    One of the reasons i smirk at the comment the general manager told me when she convinced the board to dump the long range planning committee was, "those committee members have an agenda." Yup, some do. Just like the gm had an agenda and when the board was filled with golfers, it was easy to make her agenda work. Golf was her "thing" and the golfers all supported it.

    Sadly, we are all paying the price for being short sighted and single minded in purpose. Our technology sucks, our ability, because of our lack of technology, makes it impossible to make Sun City more safe and the community is embroiled in an ugly battle over Mountain View. I keep jousting with one of the Players who thinks i am anti-theater. He couldn't be more wrong.

    Sun City would be a better place with a performing arts venue. It should have been built or bought years ago, rather than dumping 9 or 10 million dollars into the Brook and the Creek golf courses. The PGA report told us they didn't need to be done for several years yet, but we plowed ahead anyway. Now we are facing a massive price tag for what started out and should have been a reasonably priced theater.

    It's what happens when you take away the voice of the community and concentrate all the power and control in the hands of a few.
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    Um, Bill, 5 Thursdays in June, not 6!!!
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    Interesting that Jan didn't think Board members should have an agenda. At the Candidate Informational meeting the other day, I asked the committee what they thought was the most pressing challenge ahead of them. Denny Nichols (past president of BOD) right away answered that it didn't matter what the problem was for them; what mattered was what I had on my agenda and what I planned to do. I told him after the session that indeed, I did have an agenda; not to worry! And, I'm equally interested in hearing what OUR MEMBERS think is the most pressing problem. Personally, I don't think it's draining the lake, the Mountain View project or court sports. I think it's WATER! The way things are going, I think we'd better slow down on spending our PIF funds until we see where the ADWR is going with their water restrictions. As FYI would say, just sayin'!

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