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    Posting here as a notification rather than on General Discussion

    From RCSC EMAIL June 7, 2024

    Purchasing Guest Passes via the RCSC Web Portal RCSC

    Members/Cardholders are advised that the Recreation Centers of Sun City will no longer be selling Host Punch Cards. Going forward, Guest Passes can be purchased online via the RCSC Web Portal, which allows you to purchase only the specific days your guests will be using RCSC facilities and/or participating in various activities that require guest fee charges - right from the comfort of home (or anywhere else with an internet connection).

    In order to purchase Guest Passes online, you must have an RCSC Portal Account. Please refer to “Getting Started on the RCSC Web Portal” instructions here for further assistance: https://suncityaz.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Getting-Started-on-the-RCSC-Web-Portal-2024-04.pdf

    Read full RCSC email notice: https://mailchi.mp/5485ef48e3ac/guest-passes?e=f18f779945
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    So what happens if you don’t have a printer to print the Guess Pass Off ? Because the RCSC notice didn’t say anything about that
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    Mark, last sentence of topic post above, Read full RCSC email notice: https://mailchi.mp/5485ef48e3ac/guest-passes?e=f18f779945
    Your answer:
    “RCSC Members/Cardholders without computer access can complete purchases of Guest Passes by accessing Customer Service Kiosks located at three convenient locations – Bell and Fairway Centers at the fitness/pool check-ins stations and at the Lakeview Center inside the Cardholder Services Office (lower level, limited to office hours only). It should be noted that purchases made at kiosks will require that Members have an RCSC Web Portal account established in order to purchase a Guest Pass. Those RCSC Members/Cardholders needing further assistance as they are without any computer/electronic accessibility will need to visit the Cardholder Services Office to complete the purchase of Guest Passes.”
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    Thank you I missed that somehow
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