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Discussion in 'Sun City Huntley - Illinois' started by Bobsnewadventures, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Bobsnewadventures

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    I am new to the area and new to owning a EZ GO FREEDOM SE GOLF CART to enjoy. Would love to converse with the old pros about questions and concerns I might have. Right now just enjoying Sun City and all the great people. Love our evening cart rides by the fish pond, etc.

    Can you suggest any forums of Sun City folks pertaining to GOLF CARTS ?

    Just found this Talk To Sun City and plan on using it a lot.

    Hello my new neighbors ........................... ( bobsnewadventures)
  2. bmac007

    bmac007 Member

    Bob, welcome to the site!! Awesome your in Sun City Illinois!! If you have any golf cart questions there is a forum on this site thread just for that!! Got to the home page and just look for "Ask the Expert a Golf Cart Question". That should help!!

    Also, if you want to get more of your fellow Sun City Illinois neighbors on the site, you can request business cards from admin and they will mail them to you to hand out... I emailed them to hand out to a couple folks and they sent me a bunch.. It's a great way to spread the word in Illinois. You can email the TOSC team at
    I just did this a week ago and I think others have done it as well in Arizona and Hilton Head and more and more people are using this great site!!! Spread the word and welcome!!!
  3. Sulley007

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    Welcome as well to the site. It is new and every day it seem like more people keep signing on. Spread the word where you are at!

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