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    I saw a lizard yesterday that was a kind I'd not seen before. When I see one around here there are that zoomy, fairly flat sort, but this one looked like a little iguana, it was probably 9 or 10 inches long and held its head up high, had a little crest on top. Interesting little critter, is it a local I've missed or . . . . .......... something else?
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    We had a larger lizard living in the greenery on the back wall. It was about 12 inches long, and it, too, appeared to be from the iguana family. We had affectionately named it "Godzilla" because of its speed and size. The dogs would love to chase it through the greenery, never getting close enough to cause the lizard and harm. Alas, either a hawk of owl got it, as we have not seen Godzilla around for many months now. We still have the gecko's and the other flat type lizard that hang around, but Godzilla was indeed unique. No idea what actual type of lizard it was, pretty much left it alone. Never gave a thought as to its origins of being local or imported though.

    So we have had one in our yard, but no idea on answers if they are local or not.

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    As I recall (through the mist of time generated by 4 or 5 days) the guy U saw had more of a crest on his head that thins - but he has not re-appeard, that I have seen.

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