Exchange Meeting - Monday, June 10, 2024

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    View The Sun City Foundation 990 Reports!
    You do not have to create an account to view the pdf 990 reports and other financial information. Just keep scrolling down.

    2022 990EZ:

    2009 - 2022
    990 Forms as PDFs for The Sun City Foundation
    Tap Year to open.

    2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009


    ***Most recent filing completed is 2022, 2023 won’t be available for awhile, understandably!
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  3. Nor have I ever been.
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    None of your links work.

    Why obviously? Doesn't appear they do much. Checks in the safe. 32 whole gift card issues!!!!! Wow! A tax accountant's filing nightmare! Now I understand why it has taken 2 years. Especially with the bulk of the money in the safe! Did they lose the combination?

    Do you know why it's called a 990 EZ form? Here is some help for you. is for tax,total assets less than $500,000.
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    I have accessed the 990's on the IRS website. I fill out the RCSC form to see the Foundation's monthly financial reports.
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    Janet, I really like the idea of responsibly expanding the mission of the foundation and perhaps having different levels of support for differing levels of need.
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    And so how did the exchange meeting go? Any items of note?
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    I did not attend.
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    When you watch the YouTube video, you will see that I challenged the Board about what they had promised ( I was shocked to learn that they skipped several of the promised steps and have already hired an architect. The only director who came up to me after and apologized and agreed with what I challenged them on was Preston Kise. Once again, it's hard to believe anything that I read or hear.

    As mentioned at an Exchange back in February/March, the Board needs help. They need to remember the promises that they make to the members.

    Jean Totten

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    VIDEO RCSC Exchange Meeting - Monday, June 10, 2024 2:32:04

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    About 1/2 way through. Punch card fiasco. McAdam yep, you buy them can't use them, too bad. That's life. Woah! People are angry!
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    These Exchanges are starting to piss me off a little! You get these people who show-up, don't really know the true facts and then challenges the Board telling them they don't know what they're doing or are not being transparent enough!

    Chances are, if they actually paid attention, WAS INVOLVED IN THEIR COMMUNITY, they would already know the answer to many of their questions!

    The guy who's major issue was moving the desk at Fairway kinda got on my nerves! He just wouldn't let it go! I'm often amazed and wonder how some of the Board members or GM can keep their cool?

    If I were up there, and had one of those persistent know-it-alls filled with badgering contradicting comments, I think I would simply tell him, "If you have a problem with the way we're running the organization, then run for the Board."

    They might just find out that their opinion is just 1 among 9, and we don't always get what we want!

    My only wish would be that Karen McAdam would be allowed to serve out her remaining 2-1/2 years that was stolen from her by an evil corrupt Board at a meeting that was actually null and void because it violated there own Bylaws.

    Just my opinion!
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  13. Tom, she fulfilled the minimum under State statute so she can’t run again. Why is it with both here on in letters, things you don’t like are the result of corruption? Give it a break.
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    The guy with the desk was off base big time. Anyone who watches this will get that. They rest I agree with. look how happy BFDC was! Small things make big impressions regardless of whether they are good or bad.
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    Because the rules were broken! The Bylaws were violated! and even the State Statutes were violated, and that meeting was null and void...the business that was transacted never really happened! And the Board was corrupted!

    Of all people, you, who does nothing but profess Black's Law! And when the law and rules are plastered right in front of your face you still deny they exist!

    ARS 10-3822. Call and notice of meetings:
    B. Unless the articles of incorporation, bylaws or subsection C of this section provide otherwise, special meetings of the board of directors shall be preceded by at least two days' notice of the date, time and place of the meeting. The notice need not describe the purpose of the special meeting unless required by the articles of incorporation or bylaws.

    RCSC Bylaws: Article V, Section 5:
    Special Sessions of the Board may be called by the President or upon the written request of three (3) or more Board of Directors.
    The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call. (and I have the documented proof that the purpose of the meeting was not stated in the call)

    Robert's Rules of Order:
    Improper Motions 39:5 Motions that conflict with the corporate charter, constitution, or bylaws of a society, or with procedural rules prescribed by national, state, or local laws, are not in order, and if any motion of this kind is adopted, it is null and void. Likewise, apart from motions to Rescind or to Amend Something Previously Adopted (35), motions are not in order if they conflict with one or more motions previously adopted at any time and still in force. Such conflicting motions, if adopted, are null and void unless adopted by the vote required to rescind or amend the motion previously adopted.

    So Dave, if anybody needs to get a grip on the truth it's you!

    She was illegally prevented from serving her full three years when she was legally authorized to do so because she was railroaded by a corrupt board using an improper excuse. She certainly didn't miss 3 consecutive meetings, and she most certainly was capable and willing to perform her duties, the only two provisions stated in the Articles of Incorporation. She was removed because of a conflict of opinion with Sue Wilson and Dale Lehrer...not a conflict of interest.

    But the bottom line is; it doesn't really matter what excuse they used to remove her, the meeting was null and void!
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  17. Her story in the paper was bullshit and she was lying. I have at least one Board Director that agrees with me and it is neither you mentioned. If Karen feels so wronged, try legal remedies as is her right. Apparently you are her proxy for hurt feelings. BTW, she flew to her Germany with hubby to operate their business there. Go ahead, ask her.
    Also, I told you repeatedly MAGA boy that I was chosen for my legal experience and when I said I had no use for Robert’s it was because we had a certified parliamentarian , who was way smarter than you. We never had a laminated cheat sheet because of the aforementioned parliamentarian. Facts are not biased.
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  18. BTW, it is called Black’s Law Dictionary which surprisingly defines legal terms and phrases with a lot of Latin involved.Res Ipsa loquitur dude.
  19. FYI

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    And there you go again Dave, calling people names and changing the subject.

    Nobody gives a shit about your legal experience and it seems you don't understand the rules/laws when they're right in front of you.

    I never said or implied I was smarter than the parliamentarian, but I'm apparently smarter than you are on the subject.
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    General Manager Comments from the June 10, 2024 Exchange Meeting

    Good Morning,

    Thank you all for being here, and hello to all of those who will watch this on the internet. Just a few things I wanted to say before we get rolling this afternoon…

    First off, we have selected an Architect and Engineering firm to get started on the Mountain View Recreation Center, and the Performing Arts Center. The firm is triARC Architecture and Design, and they are located here in Phoenix. We will be working with them to get a contract in place and lay out an initial schedule to get this rolling over the summer. Our goal is to have something for the board and community to look at in the fall. This is the first step, in what we all know is a fairly lengthy process, but at least we are getting started.

    Second, we continue to see an increase in people behaving badly, both in words and actions. I have mentioned this before, and now, like you see in many places, RCSC will have warning signs, stating: We do NOT tolerate verbal or physical abuse toward any member, guest, visitor, or employee. Violators may be asked to leave, face disciplinary action, or arrest.

    Third, the new welcome desk at Fairway, temporary as it is, is up and running. It is located right in front of the main sliding doors. We plan to make a similar adjustment to the Marinette Center welcome desk too. And just as with our request for suggestions about what the Bell Indoor Spa area should be repurposed into, the same is true for repurposing the old welcome desk area at Fairway. Perhaps a coffee & juice bar with seating, a mingle venue…? Let us know what you think.

    And lastly, I want to speak about communications. Communications is a hot topic here, as it should be. Over the last six months, we have rebuilt, expanded, and reorganized our entire communications staff, with the help of our HR Team, Mr. Non-Golf Mike Dirmyer, and Maureen Almazan our Clubs, Activities, and Communications Leader. We have…

    • Carla Young – 25 years TV news editor and producer, with experience in writing, producing, filming, and editing video content, including for YouTube, with experience in using YouTube algorithms.
    • Allen Kleinhans – Education in Computer Science, recording engineering, 40+ years AV design/install, live audio engineering, low voltage wiring, a tireless team member who has been helping us for many years.
    • Doreen Rafferty – 40 years producing, staging, directing, and lighting for live shows, certificates: Color Analysis, Makeup Artistry, and Costume Design, Educator of the Year: Dance Musical Theater, education: Communication & Theater Arts, backup vocalist, video participant, collaborated on work for MTV, Board member for the Theater and Arts Commission, wrote for newspapers, and did voice-overs.
    • Miguel Jackson – Working in television since 2007 (US and Canada), Many live sports productions (NHL, NFL, MLB, ASU), In-house Technical Director for the Arizona Cardinals, 7 years of sound production, set up with TAD Management’s Venue Production Package using 6 cameras and 3 video walls.
    • Aaron DeVandry – experienced Director of Marketing, client and project management skills, communicates effectively with technical, executive and business audiences, web developer/designer, 20 years of experience planning, developing and implementing marketing campaigns, developed 600+ websites, email and social media marketing, online reputation management, SEO aka Search Engine Optimization.
    • Maureen Edwards – singer/vocalist, writer, wrote articles for SunViews and the Sun City Update, experience with musical band with load-ins, set-ups/tear downs and sound checks, etc.
    • And Joelyn Higgins, with her wealth of experience that she is sharing as she moves toward retirement this summer.
    With this great group of talent, I am pleased to announce the new RCSC Media Studio, it is taking shape right here in the SunDial Rec Center, across the breezeway, where the old Mac Lab was, which has recently merged with the computer club at the Fairway Rec Center. This RCSC Media Studio will help us to communicate effectively with the residents of Sun City, and offer a variety of ways for residents to receive information. It is exciting to have the people in place, and a good place for the people to work, collaborate, and create. I will be sharing more details of what is planned in the near future.

    Thank You.


    RCSC Website:

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