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  1. carptrash

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    I have not been to Duffeeland Dog Park in a while because I currently have a very comprised immune system. Yesterday a friend told me that I should check out what is posted on the gate now. Here is the sign that I found.



    Duffeeland Dog Park is transitioning to a Duffeeland Dog Club Member only space by February 13, 2024 (today) and will be monitored by the Club to include enforcement and compliance of park rules.

    You must be a member of the club to continue to use the Park. Club representatives will be coordinating enrollment on site and soliciting for volunteer Park monitors.
    Reposted 1/29/2024

    As one of the founders of the Club I can say that the Club, right from the start, had made it very clear that we did not want use of the Park to be restricted to club members only. The Park was an RCSC facility and should be open at all RCSC members. And of course, their guests. The sign makes it clear that since I am not currently a Club member I can not use the Park as of tomorrow.

    In the past I have received email notification of Club meetings, as there must have been to elect 2024 officers, but not in this case. I went to the RCSC web site to find out who the Club officers might be now. In one place I learned that Dottie Paradis was the contact person for the Club. Good luck talking to Dottie, who has an “In memory of” bench at the Park. In another place I found a list of Club officers and there was no President listed and I was listed as the Vice President. Not useful information.

    So I went to the RCSC offices this morning to see if I could garner any more information. It seems that I came on a bit strong in that the the person at the desk felt obligated to tell me to take a step back. To me it seemed like a passive-aggressive way of telling me that she could not answer my questions. What I did learn was that negotiations are going on between Management and the Club about these issues. I was also told to ignore the sign, that as a non-Club member I would be able to go to the Park tomorrow. “Great, so why not take the sign down if I am supposed to ignore it?” No answer.

    Stay tuned, this issue is not over yet.
  2. Happy Hippie

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    Don't ya just love it here?? I always enjoyed the dog park until my dog who is 15 just got too old and afraid to be there. One more reason Sun City is such a great place to live. They always consider the homeowners point of view and their wants and needs.
  3. carptrash

    carptrash Active Member

    I don't always agree with Bill but all his points are good ones.
    That meeting is a week away, hope to see you there.
  4. old and tired

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    Wasn't there talk of having a club run the park shortly after the RCSC took it over?
  5. carptrash

    carptrash Active Member

    I am starting the rumor that RCSC wants to close the Dog Park down and build an indoor, climate controlled pickle ball place there.
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  6. FYI

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    It would probably be a burden to even find Club members to monitor!

    If my memory serves me correctly, it wasn't too long ago the Club asked to be de-chartered because nobody wanted to serve as Club officers? It was even listed on the agenda of a board meeting. I can't remember the date but it's there in the Minutes in the Consent Agenda.

    The motion failed. They were not allowed to de-charter.
  7. BPearson

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    I have no dog in this fight; which is odd because we've owned dogs our entire life. The reality is we've gone to dog parks on occasion and 95% of the time it's been fine, it's the 5% that made us non-users. Dog parks are and have always been rife with potential issues. Think not? Do a GOOGLE search and read for yourself the pro's and con's. It was one of the reason's the former, former GM balked at buying the one we now own. There was a park proposed (2011/2012) behind the softball field on the water retention area at the Sun Bowl and ultimately the board bought the current site rather than build the one being discussed. The RCSC purchased the land at the right price, well below market value.

    Since the day it opened, there's been challenges. They played around with various aspects of control, but nothing worked until several members stepped up and offered to form and run a club there for oversight. Even that wasn't the "perfect solution," but it was far better than anything else they tried. The aforementioned "Dottie" was a force to be reckoned with and did a marvelous job along with the rest of the officers in tamping down the problems.

    You can ask those involved, it didn't solve every issue. I know members who were suspended when they got crosswise with some of the group. I know members who stopped going because those using the park ignored their responsibilities that comes with bringing their dogs to the park. I know folks who sat in a group and socialized and ignored what their dogs were doing. I know club officers tried to interact and when the abuser wasn't a club member, it became more difficult.

    Tom mentioned the effort to de-charter the club. Apparently things got a bit nasty between some of the former officers and some of the new ones. I have no interest in hearing who is right and who is wrong; most often it is simply the perception of the member and the telling of their side of it. I do know it got pretty ugly. Then the shit really hit the fan when the story circulated about a member bringing a stun gun into the park and zapping a couple of dogs for going after his dog.

    Think about that before you pass judgement on the board and management and what they are trying to do. While it's easy to moan about having to spend $5 to join the club, is it the end of the world? Do me a favor, stop by the Bell Woodworking club and tell them you want to use the shop, but you don't want to join it. In fact, every club has some dues. Some as low as $2.50 a year, some as high as $25 a year. It gives members access to the club and all it offers. And before you tell me about dog parks outside Sun City, they are all in municipalities that pay higher taxes that cover the costs of running those parks.

    To be even more clear, and this is just a casual observer of all things Sun City, the $5 mandatory membership fee isn't about the revenue, but about the control. By becoming a member of the dog club, you agree to follow the rules of the club and the park. You are then held accountable, not just for your use of the dog park, but also for using any RCSC amenity. If you think that is unreasonable, think stun gun again.

    And for my old friend carp, if you want to start a rumor, try this one on for size: The space will never be used for pickleball courts, but a more reasonable approach would be to spend 4 or 5 million dollars and enclose it as your indoor dog arena and socialization facility. Here's the rub, the two dog clubs have had little to do with one another over the years so imagine sitting through those kinds of negotiations. Better yet, think of the furor that comes with that expense.

    There's always solutions to problems, the worst thing to do is pretend they don't exist.
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  8. Happy Hippie

    Happy Hippie Active Member

    Used to go there all the time with my dogs. Never had a problem. Stopped going about a year ago when my dog just got too old, but when younger they all loved it. Never any problems. Someone said why does it work in SCW and not here? Seems to be an issue with several things. Why did restaurants, small shops, IGA, Trader Joe's pull out? As far as pickle ball courts (face palm) it was a joke, at least for those that have a sense of humor. I see EO removed post saying "good one".
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  9. jeb

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    Train the dogs to play pickleball in the new enclosed air-conditioned space. Everybody's happy.
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  10. Tom Trepanier

    Tom Trepanier Well-Known Member

    If done, would be wise to ban stun guns!
  11. 3GenSCAZ

    3GenSCAZ Member

    Spot On! And so easy, when the member/dog owners don't follow the club rules (IMHO, usually the case and not the dog's behavior) they are banned forever. Now if only those lovely pet owners would not put their pets poop in my trash can things would be wonderful!
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  12. Happy Hippie

    Happy Hippie Active Member

    Do they make locking trash can lids? Or maybe if you see the person you could tell him/her it really bothers you that any foreign dog poop in your trash really bothers you. I bet they would stop putting it in your can.
  13. jeb

    jeb Active Member

    I've seen friendly little signs by people's cans ask for just that.
    And I'm not judging, because I understand it's your can and property, but I am rather curious as to why it bothers you - assuming it's in a bag and doesn't stick - can you really smell it from your house?
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  14. FYI

    FYI Well-Known Member

    Here's what has happened! Someone drops their poop-bag into your empty in-ground trash receptacle. You later place your own bag of household garbage into the receptacle on top of the poop-bag. When the trash guys come to pick-up the trash they simply open the lid, reach down, and grab the bag leaving the poop-bag still there.

    I don't want the poop-bag to stay in my trash can forever and I certainly don't think I should have to be the one to deal with this situation!

    Walk your dog in your own yard until they shit, then take them for their walk! I put up enough with the neighborhoods barking dogs, I don't need to put up with their shit as well!
  15. Happy Hippie

    Happy Hippie Active Member

    I don't care if my neighbors use my trash can. I live on a small street that is not convenient unless you live on it.
    And what have you all done to address the problem? Have you talked to the folks doing this? For example, there is a woman who walks her little dog twice daily on a retractable leash which can reach my front porch. If I am out there with my dog he gets really upset so I asked her to please walk across the street or reign in the leash. She does now and is actually obedience training the pup on her walks now as my neighbors have asked her to do same. Or maybe live in a condo or cul-de-sac where trash cans are not as easily accessible? Just a thought I borrowed from folks who told me to move to The Gaza Strip when I expressed my displeasure with some things in Sun City.
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  16. FYI

    FYI Well-Known Member

    I do live in a cul-de-sac! I think many dogs, and dog owners prefer walking in a cul-de-sac because there's no traffic and speed cars?
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  17. Happy Hippie

    Happy Hippie Active Member

    Well then talk to them. People can't read minds.
  18. eyesopen

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    NEWS FROM RCSC TODAY, Wed. 2.21.24 Duffeeland Dog Park Entry Access Tokens

    RCSC Members/Cardholders are advised that new locks have been installed and entry to the Duffeeland Dog Park via Access Tokens has resumed (effective today - Wednesday, February 21).

    All previously issued access tokens for this facility/amenity will continue to open the gates during dog park hours (currently 7am to 6pm).

    Those wishing to obtain an access token to the Duffeeland Dog Park must go to the RCSC Corporate Office at Lakeview Center and present their RCSC Member or Privilege Card.

    Forms required to complete this process can be found online at https://suncityaz.org/forms/ under Duffeeland Dog Park Acces Token Request Form/Waiver & Release

    Your cooperation and continued support regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.

    # From RCSC EBLAST, Wednesday, 2.21.24 11:29 pm
  19. eyesopen

    eyesopen Well-Known Member

    Encouraging Nextdoor comments about the meeting!!
    • clearly illustrated at today's meeting the manager was saying things the board does not agree with. The board member said clearly at the meeting they are not closing the park however they do want all park patrons to follow the posted rules. Club membership has never been a requirement to use the park.

    • Just returned from the meeting we were told there are no plans to close the park, park will not be closed. People using the park are to monitor themselves. Membership in the club is not required, but encourage by the dog park board. A fob is needed to access the park to limit it to residents only. Also discussed was complaints and disciplinary actions not being taken. 1. One explanation was not enough information to identify suspect. 2. They are in process. 3. How and who should get reports, was discussed. General Manager Matthew D'Luzansky was not there at the direction of board president Kat or Kate ( sorry hard to hear) She and another board member were there to answer questions and I think they did a good job. My take is the GM made statements he should not have.
  20. eyesopen

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