Did They Listen...Did They Hear Us?

Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by BPearson, Jan 4, 2022.

  1. Nia N Maxwell

    Nia N Maxwell New Member

    What happened at the Camera Guild? Sorry, I'm new although I have been following some posts for a few weeks. I agree about Akins, this was the second time she went after Karen, yes?
  2. Nia N Maxwell

    Nia N Maxwell New Member

    I was concerned about Lenefsky too. Did not vote for him. Sorry he made the board.
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  3. SCR

    SCR Active Member

    Lenefsky was not one of my picks either but we are stuck with him for 3 years. He's going to be a problem.

    I was disappointed in the meeting as I found it to be disorganized and much the same as it has been for years. The board will listen to the member comments and then disregard.
    Granted, there are new members on the board, but 5 members have been there for at least 2 years and should know by now how the meeting is to be run.

    The next meeting should reveal further whether there will be change or not. My suspicion is that nothing will change.

    One glaring issue that never came up is Technology. It was not an agenda item but it was not mentioned at all either by the board or the members.
    I think everyone agrees that we need DATA to conduct business and make good business decisions. Pencil and paper does not cut it anymore. We must
    upgrade/replace current technology withing the RCSC realm and it must be a priority item. If history is our guide, (how long has MountainView been on the docket), technology will not advance for many years to come.

    Delaying a vote because a board member had a medical appointment should not have occurred. I don't remember that ever happening before. When a board member was absent, business and votes were conducted without the absentee.

    Another area I have issue with is that I saw or heard absolutely nothing with regard to Project Management. Project Management should be used to set goals and time limits to meet those goals.
    There must be accountability so that projects are kept current and completed on time - not 5, 10, or 15 years down the road.

    Motions scorecard for the meeting:
    Failed 1
    Passed 1
    Withdrawn 3
    Postponed 4

    Quorum motion - Lenefsky's objection to changing the quorum to 500 or some other number below 1200 is that he doesn't want 500 members making decisions for the entire Sun City community but he's ok with 9 board members doing exactly that.

    Can't wait for the next meeting.
  4. Nia N Maxwell

    Nia N Maxwell New Member

    Well said, SCR. In my opinion, Lenefsky was put forward to promote an agenda, of keep it like it is. He was too 'big business' and connected to the state power structure for me to trust that he could give a care about our community. This is merely a note on his resume. After all the work done to ensure that we the citizens of SC were heard, it seems that it will continue to be necessary to demand accountability and for the board to know that they are there to represent us.
  5. jeb

    jeb Member

    Positives for 2022 Board so far:
    I appreciated Dale's opening statement. No matter how much I disagree with an action or decision of theirs, I'm going to try and remain respectful and civil.
    Having Karen sit up there with that many election votes behind her is one HUGE in-your-face to the 2021 Board leftovers.
    The Member/Owners of this organization have people up there that understand we're all running this together. (Is it all 9? - not yet...)
    And finally "lack of transparency" was a big issue. So while there may be a lot of disagreement over decisions - when a guy says "I'm voting X, and this is why...", I'm going to respect that over the whole stone-faced refusal to even acknowledge let alone answer or explain out hidden agendas and back room dealings that was modus operandi from last year.
    Bill said "Two steps forward, one step back" - end result is still one step forward!

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