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    On more than one occasion, i've come away from a purchase, saying to myself, why the hell did i buy that? Thankfully it was a never a big ticket item; an over-priced car or a forever money-sucking time share. Usually just stupid impulse crap i didn't need.

    Obviously the header is odd, so let me explain. Yesterday was one where i watched several videos from the Monday meeting. That inspired me to go back and reread page after page i and others have posted to this site. I found myself morose, saddened by what took place Monday.

    Nope, not for one minute do i regret buying in Sun City 20 plus years ago. I regret during the same time frame i couldn't have been more effective in arriving where we are. I regret we've come to this point. I'm terribly disappointed by what i watched and as i reflected over what i wrote, it was clear all of it has simply become a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    As Bill Cook stood at the doorway telling people "political signs" were not allowed. Say what? My immediate reaction was anger and then i thought, what a shitty way to start your career as the new GM. Let's say the road forward for him will be a challenge. At some point the old gm leaves, unless they give her a consulting contract and then he's got to find a way to smooth over what has happened.

    I guess the good news was as the events unfolded after the board left the stage, calmer heads prevailed. I struggle with the role i played, but as i watched the anger mount and the two off duty officers trying to intervene there was at least the potential for it to get much worse. My second nature kicked in, with my first goal to get people out of the building when they told us we had to leave and then when they said we could stay to try and bring some value to the board walking out on us.

    Between the cops telling us we could/would be arrested, Bill telling us signs weren't allowed and then them saying we would have to get off their property, i found a flurry of emotions. Starting with this: Is it theirs? If that's so, what are we, the residents? The cops tried telling us it was like a gym membership. That comment didn't go over so well with the crowd; they simply had no concept of what Sun City was and how it came to be.

    That is why our history is so critical. Most people don't know it or understand it; sadly starting with the board and management. There is a huge vacuum in knowledge. Was it intentional? As i reread threads i wrote years back, it certainly appears so. These pages have been consistently and chronically detailing the shift away from a sense of community to where the corporation has become the end-all-be-all.

    To be clear, just because i say it, write it, doesn't mean it is true. Maybe over the 15 years the move away from our roots was exactly what the majority of board members and general manager wanted. Perhaps they saw Sun City differently than i did. Perhaps a community run by a small select group is better than one where the community has a voice.

    Ultimately i think the measuring stick is where are we today? In a good place? Headed in the right direction? Is firing board members we elect good for the community? Is closing clubs with no firm plans to replace them good? Is building a 30 or 40 million dollar spectacular venue at Mountainview smart? Will we continue to shovel massive amounts of cash at golf a wise investment?

    In talking with board candidates after the meeting the other day i point blank said, being on the board is going to be a massive challenge. The simple truth is, we will all be crushed by the water shortages and how to deal with it. Frankly, these are the kinds of discussions that belong in front of the community and should have been for the past 10 years at least.

    Instead we have have tightened down community interactions and the board apparently feels they know what we want and what is best for us. Their actions on Monday certainly don't show that. Each of you has to ask yourself, do they have any idea what they are doing? Do they know what the community wants? If so, how?

    Back to the beginning, do i regret buying in Sun City? Hell no. Do i regret where we are? Hell yes.
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    I know for a fact that the recreation centers should be the communities property but the board acts like it the corporations property. I know I need to that I need to keep my temper in check or the board could suspend or revoke my recreation card privileges and that would be a very bad thing for my softball career.
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    Totally agree because I tell myself that the Sun City community is so much more than just the RCSC.
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    There are two important resources/programs in Sun City that can be highlighted out of many that are available to Sun City residents(you don't have to be RCSC Members). There seem to be quite a few that read this forum that are unaware of the many services or contact numbers available to us. Many of these programs are staffed by volunteers.

    We took advantage of the Sun City Fire & Medical Lockbox Program today. Accidents, falls and illness can occur at any time and if your doors are locked, there is no way to gain access to your home without damage to doors or windows. SC Fire will securely attach a lockbox holding your house key so that there is a way to gain entry when timely aid is needed. The lockbox can ONLY be accessed by the SC Fire Department and ONLY in case of emergency. Important: This does not mean if you are locked out of your house by accident they will come out to open your door. The one-time fee for this important service is $70 and if you are in financial need there are programs in place for assistance. Call 623-974-2321 for information.

    I won't go into a lot of detail, but another organization that has had a big impact in Sun City is Sunshine Services. Any resident of Sun City can get necessary medical aids(from walkers to hospital style beds), items needed to accommodate houseguests of all ages and so much more. These items are many times like-new and there is no charge to the borrower. Some items require a doctor's prescription. Large items are delivered and picked up at no charge. We have used their services so many times over the years and all they ask is a donation. A donation is a small amount compared to the cost of purchasing these items and then trying to dispose of them after they've served their purpose. They can be contacted at 623-974-2561 for information.

    The RCSC charges for services whether you take advantage of their offerings or not. There are so many more organizations in Sun City that make it a great place to live!
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