Arizona Forts to visit

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    Arizona has had many
    FORTS, and the state still has some forts.
    Below is a list of some that can be visited.

    Some parts of Fort Rucker are still standing.

    Fort Lowell was converted into Old Fort Lowell Park.

    Fort Apache is located on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

    Fort Huachuca is a United States Army installation.

    Fort Mojave is part of the Mojave Indian Reservation.

    The barracks of Fort Naco still stands and has partially been restored.

    Fort Thomas is a small unincorporated community in Graham County.

    Fort Whipple has several original buildings.
    The Fort Whipple Museum is located on the grounds of the VA Hospital in Prescott and is housed in one of the 1909 military officer’s quarters.

    Fort Verde is a state Historic Park and 4 buildings have been restored.
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