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Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by BPearson, Mar 31, 2024.

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    I know of no Club that pays for their Club space??? Where did you ever get that information?
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    As I stated in the post, I was quoting someone else who was not happy with SC either. No where did the person say members paid for space, some clubs do pay dues however which was the term used. Maybe reread again knowing it was not me that said it and you might understand. No one pays dues at the library, however if it was a pottery room dues would be paid. OK?
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  3. Bill, no problem “doxing” me out whatever that term means. We do agree on more things than not and we both have the viability of the community at heart, although sometimes coming from different directions.
    Tom, love the sarcasm, but the truth is that some medical unpleasantness I had a few years ago kept me of the site for several months. When I finally tried to log on it wouldn’t recognize my password and wouldn’t let me change after multiple tries over the past few years. On recently did allow me to change my password. Don’t know why this happened and thought it was because I didn’t log on for a long time. Maybe it didn’t like my sparkling personality, just don’t know.
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  4. FYI

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    Welcome back Dave. I always enjoy your snarkiness!
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  5. BPearson

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    Both of us embrace history in our discourse Dave; yours goes a little (said with a smile) further back than mine. In fact, my only reference points begin on January 1, 1960. Anything before that, i leave to your expertise. The problem for most folks living in Sun City is how little they understand the community, how it was built and why it was so successful. In the 5 magazines i did (for SCHOA and the RCSC), i always tried to give them the basics.

    Now as we watch the challenges facing us locally (and sadly at the national and state level) social media has become all too often a cesspool of contempt and derision (yup, been there done that myself). My bad. But for our purposes, let's look within these white walls and talk about the RCSC and bigger picture Sun City. I know folks like to carve them out as separate and distinctly different entities, but from a realistic standpoint the RCSC is easiest the largest and most influential organization in the community.

    You can't have one without the other. It's one of the reasons i parted ways with the former, former general manager. Her vision to withdraw from the community at large and to push away volunteers, committees and the safeguards built into our documents was short-sighted in my opinion. To be clear, that doesn't make me right and her wrong; or vice-versa. Over the 20 years i have lived here, i cannot tell you one person who ran for the board with bad intentions. Most ran because they wanted to make Sun City a better place.

    Which brings me to your point; we have disagreed on how we got to where we were trying to go. Hell, i disagreed often and my no vote (along with CM) was usually just that, me not agreeing, but in the end, it didn't matter. That's how boards are supposed to function. In fact, i would go so far as to argue the former, former GM theoretically was right. She understood boomers would be less likely to be involved and committed. Telling buyers to just move here and have fun made sense on any number of levels.

    The question becomes; Did it work? We all know from our history, the judgement of any decisions is almost always derived from the outcomes. At first blush, the idea we went so many years without increases was wonderful...or was it? Because as you know better than most by what was witnessed in the budget and finance committee meetings last year was nightmarish. And, frankly, that's being kind.

    Our evolution from a bottom-up run organization to one that was controlled from the top down was a 15 year experiment that in my opinion, went bad/wrong. It could have and arguably should have worked. Had boards been better trained in aggressive and proactive oversight, perhaps the direction the former, former general manager took us in would have been more successful.

    What we now is they trusted her to make sound decisions. They relied on the expertise she touted and as she assumed more of the workload (along with a far larger management team), the information that should have been shared wasn't. Once the covers were pulled back, after she left, we found technology to be woeful, deferred maintenance ignored and golf courses in a mess with their largest accomplishment being increased rounds played (at a terrible cost).

    As she was leaving, she hand-picked her successor who quickly gave the existing board way more control than they had enjoyed in years. It resulted in the board promising members things that were well beyond our available resources. Dreams of grandeur are wonderful, paying for them a wholly different exercise in reality. That triggered the changes we are all dealing with today.

    It won't be an easy or fast fix, we are on the right path. There have been and there will be missteps along the way. Members, both board and the 32,500 others, are all too often trapped in a vortex of not knowing enough. Lots of them come with previous life experiences that are valuable and are adaptable to the unique Sun City way of life. Most living here don't care about the minutia of the day to day operations. They do care about the outcomes, actions and the results of what the board and management does.

    Nothing could be more supportive of that than what is happening with our two libraries. It was explosive, obviously beyond any anticipation of whomever triggered it. The reaction was loud and as heated as anything i have witnessed since moving here. And honestly, well it should. Our libraries often serve the undeserved segment of residents who don't use the other amenities. Let's be really clear: The libraries are amenities.

    Using history as the backdrop, we know the majority of those first moving to Sun City is 1960, loved what they found. They embraced it with open arms and a love affair with their adopted community grew year after year. We know there's always been the whiners and complainers who grumbled about this or that. We also know there always will be those disgruntled who will eventually move on. The vast majority will find their place in the valley of the sun and be happy in whatever years they have left on this earth.

    Not sure how it gets better than that.
  6. Tom Trepanier

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    Calling people whiners and complainers does little to encourage unity amongst members. Why not try to view these people as concerned members in good standing? Try to listen to and accept an opposing viewpoint. A few others might also look for more respectful terminology in their opines. Just sayin!
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  7. BPearson

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    I have absolutely no problem with concerned members, none. I have no problem with opposing points of view, none. Where i have a problem is with whiners and complainers, typically offering no solutions are even attempting to rectify whatever they are angry at. Hope that helps Tom.
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    Contrary to the belief of several Board Alumni on this site I am not whining I am pissed. Opposing viewpoints are not allowed. That's when the name calling starts, eg moron, crap sandwich, no one gives a shit about you, retread etc. Certain people decide what is "brilliant" and what is "bullshit". Period and done. When you disagree with them you get told to get out if you don't like it. Greatest community on the planet my butt! I have looked around on this website going back to around 2017 and the rhetoric is reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay. I am 100% convinced Pearson threatens to back off and let others have a say just to hear the pleas 'nooooo. Don't leave us.' Huge ego rush. Pearson telling me no one gives a shit about me, and that's a quote, was the most ignorant, unforgiveable, disgusting thing I have heard in a while. The others here follow along like sheep to the slaughterhouse. What normal person wants people like that as leaders. I am giving this website address to all I know here in Sun City to be able to view how their leaders really speak, so if more and more guests pop up in the member list that's why.

    In the midst of all this library stuff more and more true feelings about RCSC were popping up on social media sites. I have them saved to post later. Oddly enough while typing this my financial advisor phoned. Within the past couple of weeks he helped a couple single folks who lost their parents while living here in Sun City relocate to smaller condos elsewhere. He knew what was going on with RCSC. I am assuming I am ignored by the button with most people here. That's fine. I do have a voice on other platforms. Also my own website should be up in the near future. Old friends from IT come in handy.

    Have a pleasant day, or not. I really don't care.
  9. Happy Hippie

    Happy Hippie Active Member

    If 8 years isn't enough to get a feel for how people speak and react I sincerely doubt another 5 years would make a difference.
  10. Happy Hippie

    Happy Hippie Active Member

    You know exactly why I am angry Bill, unless you only read your own posts. I never got one answer from anyone. Pretty tough to give a solution when no0ne can tell you why in the first place. I will post all for you. Maybe that will jog your memory. Also just today another issue with the RCSC office. 45 days and the refund check is still in the mail, or will be mailed Friday. That's ok, just keep making the little old man on a walker keep going to the office to fill out the same piece of paper over and over.

    Where i have a problem is with whiners and complainers, typically offering no solutions are even attempting to rectify whatever they are angry at. Hope that helps Tom.[/QUOTE] And this attitude gives you the right to call people names, belittle them and act in general like an ass. You are the persona of a true narcissist.
  11. Bill, you are correct, my historical interest does go back a bit further than yours. If you ever want to discuss England in the 1350s and how it applies today I am ready. You will be shocked at the parallels.
    Deus Illud volt. Sorry, Templar knights just escaped from my copy of the Chronicles of the First Crusade.
  12. FYI

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    And if you were to read the Federalist Papers during the ratification of our Constitution you would read that many of our Founding Fathers believed that the State governments would end up ruling over the federal government. And now we see that just the opposite has happened. They ignore their limited enumerated powers and fight against the 10th amendment!
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  13. BPearson

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    Here's one thing we can agree upon Dave; some attribute the quote to Winston Churchill, other variations to differing authors. It matters not so much on who initially said it, but more the quality of its content: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The stark reality of those pretending and portraying our past doesn't matter are usually the same folks pissing and moaning about how unfair life is.

    Ideally, they would be working to fix it. But alas, getting involved, accepting responsibility for helping forge change is a never ending struggle that would prefer to ignore. For those who love it and see no reason to do anything but enjoy the fruits of a Sun City life well lived, good on them. Those of us who know and understand our history, also know every step of the way there were internal battles over the direction we took. Often times they were ugly as each side was willing to fight for what they believed in.

    Through it all, there were always the bomb throwers who wanted no part in fixing anything. Their lot in life was to complain about how bad everything was. To each his/her own. I simply have learned the piss-and-moaners aren't worth the time or energy to try and hold their hand or console them through their angst. Nope, it's not about compassion, it's about finding solutions that resolve the problems. Because the simple reality is there will always be contentious issues with each passing generation of home owners.

    Our amazing history, should we take the time to learn it, shows us those who came before us did the heavy lifting. Our jobs were far less daunting. Yet as we listen to the high-pitched whining from the crowd uninterested in helping mold a better tomorrow, we hear nothing more than "poor me." They continually ask aloud, "why can't they do better?" It's everyone else's job to help them be happy. Sorry, but that's not how life works.

    There-in is the largest single difference between the greatest generation and the baby boomers. As a society they didn't shirk their responsibility to be accountable, responsible owners who worked collectively for a better sense of community. Boomers, not so much. Way too many who want to blame their unhappiness on what someone said or did to them. Some perceived slight, or an unkind word that insulted them. One can only smile while pondering who the "woke" human beings are walking around Sun City.

    After writing well over a million words during my 20 plus years here, was i crass at times? Absoluetly. Was i unkind at times? Guilty. Was i overbearing at times? Yup. And every step of the way i had one goal in mind, return Sun City to its roots, the core belief that a community with self-governance was better, more effective than a top down driven organization where the control is contained in the hands of a few.

    The library debacle will prove whether my contention was right or wrong. If the libraries are forced out, then that top down driven mind-set is the new world order. If the outcry by the members/residents carries the day, we know self-governance has prevailed. We know we are on the road back and we know those who were willing to work for it have been rewarded. We'll see?

    And finally Dave, can we dispel the nonsense about some mysterious community leaders controlling the levers of power. Goodness, what nonsense. This community has a 60 plus year history of members who were willing to give back their time, energy and expertise. Many times i disagreed with their direction, all that meant was we had differing opinions. Again, history tells us solutions are forged from multiple ideas, ideals and people working towards a better yomorrow.

    It's almost funny, if it wasn't so sad, that those of us who have stepped up are being held up as the reasons for the problems we have. Then again we know, that's pretty much the definition of those of us who see the glass half full and those who just want to have a tantrum and pour that half empty glass on the floor.

    Good to see you Emily, hope all is well. A friendly reminder; "don't feed the trolls."
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  14. Happy Hippie

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    Well I am taking action Bill. Due to the fact that I am running to a brick wall here with every question I ask here I am checking to find the agency that oversees 501c4's. I know HOA's have to be audited annually, however the HOA's do not concern me. And if I run into another brick wall no big deal. Pretty much the same as trying to have a conversation with you. BTW, it's don't feed the Gremlins.
  16. The library possible closures is all about space. The GM is trying to trying to fufill all of the residents...wants. The meetings have turned into a forum of I want, I want.
    The library is a sacred-cow, like a church. I'm sure the GM has probably grasped that and will make a u-turn.
    I again feel that we need to be fiscally conservative, keep up the maintenance and integrity of our existing structures. Just like in a family, sometimes you have to say No to all of the endless requests. I see things that need to be fixed, painted and upgraded on the existing structures and building areas. Maybe adding more asthetically pleasing things to the existing space would be a better option. Like a nice outdoor-shaded cafe, and an outdoor walking trail. Things that would give other enhancements, instead of trying to please more club creations, and the endless I want, I want.
  17. Happy Hippie

    Happy Hippie Active Member

    I have no clue what the GM wants or what he is trying to do. He has not given any specifics and I am not a mind reader. Is adding outdoor cafe's and walking trail part of the I Want? Where would they go? The golf courses are nice, why not let folks walk the path after play is over? They are already here. No extra funds. Just no dogs because there are people not responsible enough to pick up after them. Out door cafe? There are two now. Pauli's and Sunset Bistro at Greenway.
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  18. Larry

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  19. Larry

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    It’s interesting that the same folks that want new and shiny don’t see the correlation between adding more amenities and the corresponding need to increase the annual assessment. It’s a reality that people need to embrace. Sooner or later, everybody has to pay. You can’t keep charging the new guy by raising the PIF to pay for past sins. Bright and shiny costs lots of money.

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