2nd Dog Park

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    As I watched the latest video of the BOD meeting, I was aghast this project still seeks to be done.

    The second dog park was approved by the BOD right after RCSC purchased Duffeeland. It is a motion, approved and had money allocated to it. How do I know this? I was the Director who presented the motion, and the board, of that time, approved it.

    The need for a 2nd dog park does NOT need to go to the LRP, or to anyone else. Jim Wellman had drawings and renderings for what it would look like to include fencing to two separate areas for the small and large dogs, watering area, gates for entrances, and a covered area for people to sit while their dogs frolicked in the park.

    It was delayed because the GM wanted to see how Duffeeland turned out before committing anymore time to the 2nd dog park. Well folks, the time has come and gone for the second park, and it is already an approved motion by the board. So, lets get with it!
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