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  1. CreativityGirl
    Professional Artist since 2007 originally from Minnesota.
  2. David Martin
    David Martin
    Az resident since '87. Retired from the City of Phoenix. Widowed in '18 after 40 years.
  3. CMartinez
    CMartinez SCR
    To post a poll, go to start a new tread, and in the body of the text area is a way to start and post a poll
  4. SCR
    SCR admin
    Can this forum be used to post a poll?
    If so, how is that done?
  5. LilC
    "...yes, but it's a DRY heat."
  6. Kim-Sandy Kline
    Kim-Sandy Kline
    Purchased our new house and super excited to get involved with Sun City life.
    1. CMartinez
      Welcome to your new life. It will be great and life is grand in Sun City. Just be aware summer is coming so do take it easy for the cooler temps to come back.
      Apr 21, 2019
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  7. Nancy Nixon
    Nancy Nixon
    I'm new to this and I'm not quite sure what status indicates. But anyway this is my first venture into this or any forum.
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    2. CMartinez
      Welcome Nancy, glad to see your name again after me being away from the RCSC for so long. If there is anything I can help you, please feel free to comment back to me and I will do my best.
      Apr 10, 2019
  8. Kim-Sandy Kline
    Kim-Sandy Kline
    Hoping to move to Sun City in 2019. Currently looking for a single family before we head back to Alaska. Loved Sun City folks
  9. Regina Heck
    Regina Heck
    Living in sun city original since 2005. Just moved into a new home also in sun city original because this is the place to be!
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  10. chara
    Looking to buy a used by owner 2014-2016 white or light color SUV mid size with low mileage. Prefer USA vehicle. send info and photo.
  11. carptrash
    Somedays I feel like this (see picture). Other days not so much.
  12. CMartinez
    living good in the hood.
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  13. Rhythm-Ramblers
    The Rhythm Ramblers, an 18 piece Big Band performing songs from the American Songbook.
  14. CMartinez
    Living good in the 'hood.
  15. Arizona Mildman
    Arizona Mildman jlieb
    You asked about a contractor who builds fences. The guys who did mine did an excellent job and are reputable workers. To get ahold of them, call Charlie Hahn 602 739-2600
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  16. Emily Litella
    Emily Litella ronok
    Welcome to the Board. :)