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  1. Green Dragon
    Green Dragon
    Interested Member
  2. argabaja
  3. Larry
    Larry Owens
  4. Scott
    Live in sun city AZ 85351
  5. Suni Johnson
    Suni Johnson
    Personal Training or small private classes, we start slow and guide you through all of the mechanics of shooting a firearm.
    1. Suni Johnson
      Suni Johnson
      New to the site, not sure how to get around yet. I offer a unique firearm training course located here in Sun City Arizona.
      Jul 3, 2022
    2. Suni Johnson
      Suni Johnson
      Posted a Forum chat but, not knowing anyone yet - kind of fruitless. But, I will keep the chat going.... I am here to offer my training skills to you.
      Jul 3, 2022
  6. FYI
    Tom Marone
  7. Wes Akers
    Wes Akers
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    1. Wes Akers
      Wes Akers
      What is with the CC and R people? I want to install a nice Pergola in the back yard so I called about setbacks and such. they told me I couldn't put one in even though the CC and R page says I can. Is the info on the website null and void now?
      Apr 11, 2022
    2. aggie
      Is your home in Sun City or Sun City West? If the original Sun City and this is a single family home, go into the Sun City Home Owners Office and speak directly to the compliance staff.
      Apr 13, 2022
  8. Cheri Marchio
    Cheri Marchio FYI
    Use the search function and type in 3genscaz. He's a hiker, dog owner and joined TOSC in June 2019 and says he knows TOSC admin. Perhaps this will help. ??? Maybe his other threads will offer clues.
  9. jeb
    jeb 3GenSCAZ
    So seriously dude, if this is rich I have to say: I thought you had some valid points as a RCSC Board Member and I wouldn't mind hearing legitimate fact-based points and opinions. But if you just lied to people, and your whole strategy is to clog up every post with essentially attacks and fluff, well, that's just f'd up. Seriously - is this going to be your life now?
    1. Wes Akers
      Wes Akers
      What did I say that was a lie? On the phone they told me I couldn't install a Pergola but the webpage says otherwise. I just want clarification. How am I F'd up?
      Apr 12, 2022
  10. turnkey26
    New Member
    1. turnkey26
      New member here. Finally able to join Talk of Sun City. I’m not certain how many of you have been trying to join but it has been a long journey for me. I could not get the CAPTCHA on the sign up page to work for me but after several emails and they got it fixed. So here I am ready to join the conversation.
      Jan 7, 2022
  11. Skipper53
  12. Cheri Marchio
    Cheri Marchio
    Some sunshine is good for the soul, but I always make sure to wear a big hat. -- Miranda Kerr
  13. CMartinez
    CMartinez 3cavkings
    Thank you for the best wishes. Already home, just to darn ornery to stay down to long.
  14. pegmih
    I went to the car wash next door. $5. but they wiped down my car afte rwash.
  15. pegmih
    I meant to say there was NO waiting. I was first in line and it took about 5 minutes.
  16. pegmih
    Today I went for an emission test for my car at 10 am in Surprise. Now waitingl
  17. CreativityGirl
    Professional Artist since 2007 originally from Minnesota.
  18. David Martin
    David Martin
    Az resident since '87. Retired from the City of Phoenix. Widowed in '18 after 40 years.
  19. CMartinez
    CMartinez SCR
    To post a poll, go to start a new tread, and in the body of the text area is a way to start and post a poll
  20. SCR
    SCR admin
    Can this forum be used to post a poll?
    If so, how is that done?